Wendy's Worker Attacked by Customer Over Cold Fries and Wrong Nuggets: Cops

Police in Arizona are searching for a Wendy's customer who, they say, threw her food at a worker after being handed cold fries and non-spicy nuggets.

Casa Grande Police released an image purporting to show the woman from the fast food restaurant's CCTV footage in a Facebook post, requesting anyone with information to come forward.

According to the police, the woman threw her drink and food bag at the Wendy's employee. Police have launched an open assault investigation.

"Upon identifying her fries were cold and her nuggets were NOT spicy, she threw her drink and food bag at the employee," the post reads.

The post however does not specify when the alleged incident happened or at which Wendy's location.

Casa Grande Police are asking anyone with information to contact Officer Sanchez, who is trying to identify the woman, by email on seth_sanchez@casagrandeaz.gov or via phone call on 520_ 521-8711 x6330.

Newsweek has contacted Casa Grande Police and Wendy's for comment.

Unfortunately for fast-food workers across the country, this is just the latest in recent incidents involving both customers and workers at popular fast food chains.

A woman in Georgia was arrested in March after allegedly attacking a McDonald's worker over a food order dispute. Police responded to a report of an incident in Atlanta and according to police, the customer allegedly "assaulted an employee by pulling her hair and jumping over the counter," before she allegedly began "throwing items."

Officers took the female into custody and she was subsequently transported to DeKalb County Jail where, in the words of the Dunwoody Police Department, her evening meal was likely "much different than the quarter pounder with cheese she ordered."

Similarly, in April the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office issued an appeal to find a man who allegedly attacked a female Burger King employee in Florida. The male customer entered the fast-food restaurant after being left unhappy while using the drive-thru.

According to police, he sought out the worker and violently attacked her inside the restaurant.

In February, a TikTok post of a woman exiting her car to scream at a fast-food worker went viral online. The video was posted by a worker and the Burger King employee stated that the incident left them considering their future at the company.

The same month, a video of a drive-thru customer hurling a drink at a worker went viral online after they shared security footage to TikTok.