Shock as Woman Discovers Secret Child Her Parents 'Abandoned' As She's Deaf

A Canadian Reddit user discovered their parents gave their sister up for adoption a long time ago after they found out she was deaf, and the internet is not happy about it.

In a post shared on Thursday on the subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest, the user revealed that after taking a DNA test, they discovered they had a sister and their "parents didn't deny it" when they were confronted about it.

"We only found out because my brother's girlfriend got him one of those genealogy kits and he matched with our sister. I did it after the discovery and matched with her too," the user wrote.

The user explained in a comment that in 1998, their parents found out during a routine check that their baby was deaf and "just went home without her," leaving the baby at the clinic because of her disability.

Abandoned child
A stock image shows a lonely child. A Reddit user just found out their parents abandoned their sister because she was deaf and is now swamped with emotions. Getty Images

"My sister reached out to my brother after [they] matched. I have just messaged her also. She indicated to my brother that she was abandoned by her birth parents as a baby because she is deaf," the user wrote.

The OP (original poster) said they were swamped with emotions, and while their parents were good to them growing up, they can't imagine how their sister feels about it.

The post has so far reached over 10,200 upvotes and 719 comments, and the internet is quite perplexed about the situation.

While this may seem like an isolated case, studies reveal that about 7,000 children are abandoned in the United States every year, and many more suffer from child neglect or abuse.

In 2020, during the pandemic, there were about about 3.9 million child maltreatment referral reports, and child abuse reports involved 7.1 million children. About 90.6 percent of victims were maltreated by one or both parents.

One user, Hobbiesrule, commented: "I am so proud of you for reaching out. I'm deaf but can sign and read lips. Take the time to get to know each other. You didn't grow up in the same environment. Understandably she may express hurt for the rejection. Thank you for supporting your sister."

And Individual_Study5068 said: "My older brother is deaf. My mother was 18 when he was born and it was their first child. It's not easy but not as hard as baby with serious mental or physical disability! He will be 37 soon, has his own place, work and wife with two kids. I just hope your little sister grew up in a great loving family even tho knowing your real parents left you in a hospital just because you were not perfect must feel horrible..."

Other users wondered how it was possible that both the Reddit user and her sibling have no recollection of their sister.

HermitCrabCakes asked: "So at 5, do you remember your mom being pregnant? What she/they said about what happened to the literal newborn just... not being there anymore? That's a lot to taken in, I'm sorry. But you seem like a good person. I hope everything works out for you, & her."

And TeaLoverGal added: "So you and your sibling weren't prepped for getting a baby sister? It's a fairly big deal in a family. You were 5, that's well past the point of infant amnesia."

But other users seemed to understand why the OP and their brother wouldn't remember her.

AlwaysLurkNeverPost said: "I'm here to defend OP and say I don't remember s*** about my sister being born. Same five-year difference. Sure there's pictures and stuff but those are just far off memories. I don't remember my mom walking around pregnant, nor a screaming little sister. So I don't find it totally crazy for OP to forget this, especially since the baby was intentionally given up (so the parents wouldn't dwell on it the same way they would in an unexpected loss)."