Woman Reckons We've Been Opening Cans Wrong As She Shares 'Right' Way

A woman reckons we've been opening cans wrong our entire lives, as she shared the "right" way online.

Ayajouni uploaded a clip to her TikTok page, as she revealed a novel way to open up a tin, using a ring pull design rather than one which requires a can opener.

"After 28 years I'm doing it the right way," she captioned the video, shared at the end of last month.

It sees the digital marketer pop open the ring and break the seal, but rather than peel it back like most people, she turns the ring around.

The Dubai-based entrepreneur then peels the lid off, with this method appearing to give her more leverage against the metal.

Ayajouni claims she had trouble opening it the traditional way, so she found an alternative that she's hailing as correct.

Her method has been watched nearly five million times, and it's proving divisive online.

James Sloan359 wrote: "It's another way but not the right way."

Although Peacebewithyou revealed: "I have always done it this way."

Agreeing, Alfred wrote: "How else do people do it? I've actually been doing this for years, thought it was normal."

"Nooo wait what? Life changing," Rge commented.

Leone_e raved: "After 15 years finally I don't make an oil splash."

But Alden Almonte thought: "Too risky, ring could break off."

And Phil wasn't convinced, saying: "This is making something easy more difficult."

Godgan682 commented: "Are you serious. I'm today years old."

@ayaajouni demonstrating how to open a can
@ayaajouni shared a clip to TikTok revealing the "right" way to open a tin can. @ayaajouni

It's not the first foodstuff we've apparently been getting wrong, after a woman, called Tiarna Eaton, reckoned we've been slicing cake incorrectly.

She shared a clip to TikTok after watching a video that claimed to show the proper way to dish out slices.

She wrote: "Does anyone actually do this? Apparently we have been doing this wrong the whole time."

Rather than cutting triangles from the center, a video shows someone making seven precise cuts, producing 14 slices of cake.

More than 5.4 million people have watched the TikTok clip, as debate raged in the comments over the method—and the resulting slices.

It seems people weren't convinced by this method either, TikToker, Osi.Anna, fumed: "Not every piece has the outside frosting on it though. You need the extra frosting from the sides!"

Agreeing, Deigoba said: "Na man... if I get a piece without icing / frosting down the side I'm gonna be livid."

Some commenters swore by the cake slicing hack, however. Caitlin Black wrote: "We did this at the bakery I worked at. Works a treat."

@ayaajouni demonstrating how to open a can
@ayaajouni claimed it had taken her 28 years to discover this method, and she was now sharing it with the world. @ayaajouni