Xbox Series X Restock Update for Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and More

There have been a couple of Xbox Series X restocks already in 2022 and, if you are quick enough on the draw, you might just be able to purchase one of Microsoft's next-gen consoles before they sell out.

Here is the latest information for every major U.S. retailer.

Target Xbox Series X Restock

You have an opportunity to purchase an Xbox Series X from Target right now, but the item is only available through the merchant's "All-Access" scheme.

In a nutshell, this means that you cannot buy the product in a straightforward transaction and must instead commit to paying it off in monthly installments of $34.99 (for two years).

As part of the deal, you will also get a 24-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which entitles you to an ever-growing library of titles and various perks.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Target

Antonline Xbox Series X Restock

Antonline coordinated one final Xbox Series X restock in 2021 at the last possible moment, with a sale taking place on New Year's Eve.

If you head onto the website now, you will find that the console is actually still listed. It is not available as a standalone product, but rather as part of a costly bundle (priced at $739.93). If you choose to take up this deal, then you will get the console itself, alongside a spare "Elite" controller and a wired headset.

This package is a little on the expensive side, given that the Xbox Series X has a recommended manufacturer's price of $499, but if you are willing to fork out the extra cash then the offer is there.

Meanwhile, as we reported in our last update, there are also a few Xbox Series S bundles up for grabs at Antonline. More details about these can be found here.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Antonline

Walmart Xbox Series X Restock

As a rule of thumb, Walmart prefers to restock on Xbox Series X units every other Thursday at 3 p.m. ET.

Its unwavering adherence to this pattern was disrupted by flash sale events like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, however, which makes it a bit harder to predict when the next drop will occur.

Console trackers are still advising that you remain vigilant at the usual timeslot anyway, as the retailer will eventually get back into its usual routine.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Walmart

Amazon Xbox Series X Restock

Since the start of 2022, there has yet to be an Xbox Series X restock at Amazon.

Generally speaking, the online marketplace tends to coordinate its drops on a monthly basis. Given that the last one took place on December 16, it might be worth keeping an eye on the website over the next fortnight or so.

Newsweek will continue to monitor the situation and will let you know if anything changes in future updates.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Amazon

GameStop Xbox Series X Restock

GameStop was offering an Xbox Series X bundle on Monday, January 3, but this event was short-lived, and the supplies have now been completely depleted.

For timely alerts about future restocks, we recommend that you follow dedicated console trackers like @GYXdeals on Twitter and turn on notifications.

Check Xbox Series X restock at GameStop

Newegg Xbox Series X Restock

Every now and then the Xbox Series X and PS5 are featured in Newegg's daily shuffle draws.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to get either console from today's lottery, as it's comprised solely of PC gaming components instead.

It's always worth checking these Newegg Shuffles for Xbox units just in case. The contents of the draw reset every 24 hours at 11 a.m. ET.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Newegg

Sam's Club Xbox Series X Restock

You are currently unable to get an Xbox Series X from Sam's Club, but the less-powerful Xbox Series S model is for sale.

The alternative console is listed in two separate bundles on the website. The first of these costs $379.98 and ships with a PDP media remote and wired headset.

Meanwhile, the more expensive option is priced at $399.98 and comes with a special edition controller and in-game currency vouchers for both Fortnite and Rocket League.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Sam's Club.

Best Buy Xbox Series X Restock

The Xbox Series X is displaying as sold out on the Best Buy website, as is the Halo Infinite edition of the console.

However, you can place an order for another Xbox Series S bundle here. Once again, the console will ship with microtransaction codes for Fortnite and Rocket League and is priced at $299.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Best Buy

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock

You can order a similar Xbox Series S Fortnite bundle from Microsoft's official storefront.

Here, you have the opportunity to build your own deal at a starting price of $299. It will come with the same Fortnite and Rocket League vouchers by default but, from there, you have the ability to throw in a few extras. For example, you can get digital codes for new games (including the likes of Battlefield 2042 and Far Cry 6) or a selection of limited-edition controllers.

Obviously, if you choose to add those things then this will drive up the cost of the overall bundle.

As for the Xbox Series X, that console remains sold-out on the Microsoft Store.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Microsoft Store.

Costco Xbox Series X Restock

The last time we reported on a next-gen console drop at Costco was towards the end of October 2021. That's how infrequently this outlet restocks on Xbox units and the PS5.

At the time of writing, neither piece of gaming hardware is available from Costco and there is no indication of when the situation will change.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Costco

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Xbox Series X and Series S
Image shows the Xbox Series X (in black) and Series S (in white) on display in a Tokyo electronics store. Gamers currently have the opportunity to pick up both consoles at places like Antonline and Target. Charly Triballeau/Getty Images

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