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  • gopnik phil collins

    You Are What You Buy

    Phil Collins’s video installation shows the lengths we’ll go to just for a feeling.
    European Edition Version
  • Morgan Russell. Synchromy in Orange: To Form.

    Modern Art, Defined

    An exhibition looks at abstraction—the movement that defines 
modern art. By Blake Gopnik
  • Julie Mehretu's untitled 2001 painting at John Berggruen

    Pop Goes the Art Bubble

    The rich keep spending millions and driving up prices. But what happens when the bubble bursts?
  • Corban Walker

    Sculpting to Scale

    Irish-born Corban Walker explores ‘life-size’ art.
  • Vintage Ralph Lauren

    Americana Redux

    Sitting in a deluxe meeting room in an office in midtown Manhattan, David Lauren, an executive vice president of the Ralph Lauren Corp. and second son of the famous designer, does something you wouldn’t expect of a fashion executive: he reveals that the elegant suit he has on—double-breasted and wide-lapelled in navy-blue wool, worn with a pin-dotted tie—is in fact 20 years old. He’s not begging for a raise or showing off his thrift. He is demonstrating a truth about this moment in world culture: that the old is new and the new looks old and there’s no need to choose between them—and that his company is on the crest of this cultural wave. The suit was designed by his father, and any wear that it’s showing after all these years is like “the patina of a great pickup truck,” he says, since the brand “is always rooted in the classics—it’s about history.”
  • Paul Allen

    The Idea Man’s Secret Treasures

    Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen-the world’s first masterpiece-collecting, Jimi Hendrix-worshiping philanthropist.
  • Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years

    Andy, Andy, Andy

    The Met examines Warhol and his imitators.
  • Bronze Age earrings

    Who Owns Antiquity?

    Two U.S. museums wrestle with the provenance question.
  • mali-timbuktu-OVNB30

    Mali's Shattered Shrines

    From the moment the followers of Muhammad came roaring out of Arabia, in A.D. 633, they’ve cherished beautiful things. An exhibition that just closed at the Metropolitan Museum in New York showed how the first Muslims were inspired by glorious works from the Greek-speaking world, and their descendants never stopped being art-friendly.
  • future-designers-mann-om05

    Go Toward the Light

    A Scottish designer freezes flight and “materializes” emotions.
  • gmaper-om02-tease

    Musical Chairs

    A mix-and-match man breaks items down, then builds them back up.
  • future-design-om03-demakersvan

    Chain-Link Lace

    A trio of Dutchmen aims to create, and sell, the impossible.
  • roy-lichtenstein-gopnik-tease

    Pre-Packaged Painter

    How Roy Lichtenstein pioneered our clip-art world. By Blake Gopnik.
  • Byzantine Art

    Caravaning To Byzantium

    A new Met show takes on the fertile intersection of Islam and Roman Christianity.
  • art-friedman-om02-tease

    Tom Friedman On the Run

    Tom Friedman was once the art world’s golden boy. Can he claw his way back?
  • vangogh-exhibit-tease-gopnik

    The Art of Insanity

    A new show highlights Van Gogh’s savvy, while the latest book makes him sound nuts.
  • picasso-om02-picasso

    Why We Love Picasso

    Picasso's drawings, 1890-1921: Reinventing Tradition, National Gallery, Washington, D.C., Opens Jan. 29
  • dmaien-hirst-dots-om02-gopnik

    Damien Hirst’s World Takeover

    Has Damien Hirst made the largest painting in the world? Let the debate begin. By Blake Gopnik in this week's Newsweek.