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  • 08_22_Yazidi_01

    On Death Mountain

    The Yazidis face permanent exile unless the Islamic State is defeated
  • Baghdad

    How Close Is Baghdad from 'Zero Hour'?

    Experts say the insurgents will wage war on the capital from the “Baghdad belt” of towns circling the city
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  • 7.04_PG0102_Iraq_01

    Zero Hour

    As they wage their brutal war, ISIS is expected to take aim at 'the Baghdad Belt'
  • 5.30_PG0122_SigridKaag_02

    Poison Control

    It’s a tough job, and the Dutch woman overseeing the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons admits it won’t happen by the June 30 deadline
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  • 5.30_PG0122_SouthSudan_01

    Hilde’s War

    A Norwegian woman is trying to stop the misery in South Sudan
    European Edition Version
  • Women in Yemen

    The Land of Invisible Women

    The Arab Spring gave Yemen’s women a public voice and a visible face. But the revolution has faded without changing anything for millions.
  • Angelina Jolie

    Angie Goes to War

    A war she didn't fully understand has inspired Angelina Jolie to get behind the camera for a love story set in Bosnia.
  • Mladic-ov050-hsmall

    The Making of a Monster

    When his beloved daughter shot herself with his favorite gun, Serbian General Ratko Mladic lost his mind, drenching the Balkans in blood. His capture last week may finally bring justice for his victims.