May 09 Issue

Heard on the Street
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Heard on the Street

Minya, Egypt—A woman wails beside her fallen fellow protesters, who fainted after an Egyptian court sentenced 683 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death for their involvement in the murder and attempted murder of local police. In an update to an earlier decision, the same court said that of 529 people previously sentenced to death, 37 would be executed—the remainder were given life in prison. Amnesty International said that the “court has displayed a complete contempt for the most basic principles of a fair trial and has utterly destroyed its credibility.”
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The U.S. Navy is scrambling to come up with new rules as exploration and exploitation of the Arctic booms
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Scientists believe they can create a fully functioning 3-D printed heart
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A tiny town in Northern California settled by Chinese immigrants 100 years ago has changed little since then