October 24 Issue

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As Dzhokhar Tsarnaev awaits trial for his alleged role in the Boston Marathon bombing, many of the women in his life are still proclaiming his innocence—and pushing for jihad
Umbrella Organization
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Umbrella Organization

Hong Kong—A pro-democracy protester holds an umbrella during a performance in the streets outside government headquarters on October 9. After the government announced it was willing to talk, the protests waned, but an 11th-hour cancellation of the planned meeting by the government sent people back into the streets of Hong Kong’s financial district. As the movement enters its third week, pro-government protesters scuffled with protesters and tore down their signs and barriers. Police intervened to separate the two factions.
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In Ukraine's North Luhansk, the ceasefire is fragile, money is scarce, and people are hedging bets between Kiev and Moscow

Chop Chop Square

The beheadings by ISIS have revolted the world. But in Saudi Arabia, public decapitations remain commonplace
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The sport is thriving but a self-pitying autobiography has exposed its rows, feuds and obsession with money

André 3000: The Newsweek Interview

The rapper opens up about the challenges of playing Jimi Hendrix, the long-awaited solo record he still hopes to make, and whether Woody Allen would be down to direct an Outkast biopic.