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Behind ISIS's onslaught is a sprawling, robust financial juggernaut that operates safely outside of legitimate banking channels
Preparing for the Future
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Preparing for the Future

Nervous models wait on a red carpet before sashaying along a catwalk in central Israel. But their blank expressions and the barbed wired behind them tell a different story. These women are inmates in Neve Tirza prison, the country’s only women’s jail. They have designed and made the clothes themselves, as part of a rehabilitative project to help them develop skills that might be of use upon their release.
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Almost as many presidential nominees were stalled by the Senate during the past five years as from 1789 to 2008.

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At a time when album sales are falling, the growth of vinyl is a bright spot in the music industry.
New World
Nanolobe technology could be used to make the world's fastest-acting drugs.
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The most dominant team in college football in America—sorry, in North America—is Laval University of Quebec City, Quebec.