November 21 Issue

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Half of all clinical trials are never published, and Big Pharma wants to keep it that way.

Heart of the Country

By channeling two of America's great populist poets, Whitman and Springsteen, the novelist Richard Ford finds beauty and mystery everywhere—even New Jersey.
Birds of a Feather
In Focus

Birds of a Feather

Tis the season of murmuration as tens of thousands of starlings turn the sky black when dusk falls near Gretna Green on the England and Scotland border. Known as one of nature’s most dramatic spectacles, this wheeling, turning and swooping in unison reaches its peak during the autumn and winter months. No one is entirely clear why it happens, but perhaps there is safety in numbers from predators, such as peregrine falcons.
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Before his presumed death in Iraq last week, Kabir Ahmed, a father of three from Derby who joined ISIS, talked to Newsweek
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