December 12 Issue

Cover story Tech & Science
Scientists hope to wield the Earth itself as a weapon against global warming.

The Half-Mad Mind

Lena Dunham is living with it. John Kelly couldn't. Obsessive-compulsive disorder isn't funny, and it's finally emerging from the shadows.
Escaping Arrest
In Focus

Escaping Arrest

A young woman jumps from a police lorry after being detained by police in Nairobi following violent clashes between riot officers and demonstrators. The protests are in reaction to attacks on innocent people by Islamic militants. Specifically, the demonstrators want President Uhuru Kenyatta to do more to stop the militants, claiming that a tougher stance would prevent atrocities such as the blowing up of a bus that killed 28 people last month.
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One year later, the victors in the war in Ukraine are hard to identify.
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