February 06, 2015 Issue

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We may think of His Holiness as a gentle old fellow, but this affability masks a heart of steel.
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Beautiful Reflections

Male models and makeup artists gather backstage at the Lanvin Menswear show held in École des Beaux-Arts – the School of Fine Arts – one of the many events put on as part of Paris Fashion Week. The men are preparing for the catwalk under a huge mural depicting respected pupils from the school’s history. While there may have been some famous faces in the front row, the building, which stands on the left bank of the Seine, has a long history of hosting well-known figures. Degas, Monet and Renoir all trained at the school, though French sculptor Auguste Rodin was refused entry three times.
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Writer-director David Robert Mitchell takes the sex-is-scary trope of horror films and makes a monster as unstoppable as an STD.