March 13 Issue

The Butcher Captured
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The Butcher Captured

The man the Chadian army calls ‘The Butcher’ kneels before a cache of weapons, pickup trucks and motorcycles captured from Boko Haram. He is accused of beheading or slashing the throats of five people in the name of Islam. In the fight against the bloodthirsty Islamist militants, there have so far been few victories and the Nigerian government seems at a loss to stem the unremitting tide of violence they have caused – having been responsible for the deaths of more than 13,000 people over the past five years, according to President Goodluck Jonathan.
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The murder of Boris Nemtsov strikes at the heart of the opposition to Vladimir Putin
A Ph.D. student has developed a cream that targets cells, not pigments, to get rid of unwanted ink.
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The documentary "Merchants of Doubt" looks at folks who claimed cigarettes were safe and are now focused on climate change.

A Shooter's Chance

Tyler Harvey has a really, really hard time believing he's the nations' top scorer heading into March Madness.