September 25 Issue

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A fractured regulatory system hampered by Big Pharma's meddling has led to a growing global falsification market.
Look at That Face!
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Look at That Face!

Washington, D.C.—Republican front-runner Donald Trump makes his way through the crowd after addressing a Tea Party rally against the Iran nuclear deal on September 9. One-third of GOP voters surveyed selected the real estate tycoon as their candidate of choice in a Washington Post-ABC News poll released days before the second Republican primary debate. Trump, who has capitalized on his image as a Washington outsider, is also leading the polls in the crucial early-voting state of Iowa.
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The last time energy was this cheap, Eisenhower was president.
Genetic engineering will enable industrial-scale production of a previously hard-to-make pharmaceutical.
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Señor Frog's comes to Times Square, promising endless fun. The existential dread is complimentary.