October 28, 2016 Issue

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The Republican nominee's destructive behavior has victimized cities, businesses, investors, partners and even members of his own family.
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Funeral Home Pyres

Sanaa, Yemen—A man drapes a blanket over a charred body in the rubble of a funeral home on October 8 after the city was bombed by U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition airplanes. The airstrikes were part of the Yemeni civil war, a bitter fight between the internationally recognized government of the country’s ousted president, who is supported by Saudi Arabia, and the Iran-allied Houthi rebel movement. The ongoing conflict has killed 6,800 people and injured 35,000 since March 2015, according to the BBC. Over 100 people were killed in the attack on the funeral home, where people had gathered to mourn the father of a top Houthi official.
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