October 06 Issue

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The Grand Theft Auto Killers

One of the most horrific killing sprees under Putin was also one of the most mystifying, giving rise to explosive rumors of high-level cover-ups and terrible vengeance.
Water World
In Focus

Water World

For years, tourists have flocked to the Maldives, a chain of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean, renowned for their overwater villas. Now, China’s Yue Tuo Island Resort is trying to replicate the experience—with a twist: Dutch-style cabins, as seen here on September 18. These eye-catching bungalows are only about 90 miles from Beijing, but residents wouldn’t know it from looking out their window.
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Portland Police End Gang List

Some law enforcement experts say their gang member databases help fight gang crime and improve public safety, while critics say they are overly broad and include people who never were or are no longer in gangs.
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Editor's Pick

The History Behind the Quidditch World Cup

Every year since 1473, according to the J.K. Rowling series, the wizards of the world have gathered to contest the Quidditch World Cup, the single most popular sporting event in the wizarding world—Gobstones championships notwithstanding.