March 08, 2019 Issue

She(256) Is Disrupting The Male Dominated Tech Field

Last year, Sara Reynolds found herself among the brightest minds of her generation at a blockchain conference for students at the University of California, Berkeley. But when she looked around the auditorium, she noticed something: Nearly all the attendees were white men.

Can Blockchain Stop Genomic Data Leaks?

As the cost of "sequencing" DNA has dropped, more and more patients are undergoing genetic testing. How will the medical industry use that data to further research and clinical practice while preserving the privacy of patients? David Yizhar, the founder and CEO of Israeli startup Geneyx, thinks blockchain technology could offer a solution.
In Focus

Casualty of Chaos

Police killed at least four demonstrators, including this man, during clashes on February 12, the sixth day of violence. Protesters had gathered in the capital’s center, near the presidential palace, to demand President Jovenel Moïse’s resignation over a corruption scandal. Nearly $4 billion earmarked for social development went missing, and embezzlement is suspected.
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