Mary Kaye Schilling

Newsweek - Culture Editor

Ghost With the Most

After withering out-of-town reviews, the eye-popping Beetlejuice opens on Broadway—rising from the ashes like its demented demon star

Was 1999 the Best Movie Year Ever?

A very strong case can be made for 12 months that included 'The Matrix,' 'Election,' 'Being John Malkovich,' 'Boys Don't Cry,' 'Cruel Intentions,' 'Eyes Wide Shut' and, yes, 'Phantom Menace.'

'King Lear' Never Gets Old

For Glenda Jackson, Jayne Houdyshell and Elizabeth Marvel, the stars of Broadway's new gender-bending production, "It's Trump, it's Russia, it's North Korea."

'A Garden Can Be Anywhere'

In her sumptuous new book, Lauri Kranz—garden guru to the stars—will inspire even apartment dwellers to grow their own food.

Tabitha Soren's Second Act

The former MTV VJ, now a photographer, turns troubling smartphone obsession into images of haunting and provocative beauty.

Acknowledging Terror

For the over 800 U.S. counties implicated in lynching, reconciliation and healing begin with a ceremony marking the site of the crime.

Joy to the World

Nick Cave—the artist, not the musician—lights up Times Square with an exuberant vision of renewal and hope.

Marc Maron's Mainstream Moment

With his role on the Netflix hit "Glow," and one of the top podcasts in America, the once-struggling comedian is having a mainstream moment. Don't worry, he's still a mess.

Pot Offenders Wanted

The fastest-growing cannabis company in California is hiring parolees of nonviolent marijuana-related crimes.