Ravi Somaiya

Obama's 'New Beginning' Derailed

Just more than a year ago the fledgling president of the United States stood before a capacity crowd at Cairo University in Egypt and promised "a new beginning" for relations between America and the Muslim world. But now controversy over the proposed Muslim center near Ground Zero, the much-publicized flap over Pastor Terry Jones's planned Quran burning, and allegations of atrocities by U.S. troops in Afghanistan seem to have dashed such hopes.

Should We Cover the Quran Burning?

Hillary Clinton has called for the media not to cover a planned Quran burning by a Florida church on Sept. 11 as "an act of patriotism." But can reporters and cameramen turn away from a story they have magnified into one of worldwide significance? And, with bloggers poised to go viral, would it make any difference?

Oppression Continues in Iran

The world's attention may have wandered from Iran, but recent reports from the country reveal a government that is as willing as ever to suppress dissent and a judiciary that still plans to kill a woman saved from a stoning sentence last month.

Leaked U.N. Report Implicates Rwandan Troops in Possible Genocide

Rwandan President Paul Kagame was reelected with 93 percent of the vote in the country's elections earlier this month. But there were widespread reports that journalists and opposition politicians were imprisoned or killed. Now a leaked U.N. report suggests that Rwandan troops may have committed war crimes and massacred tens of thousands in the late 1990s.

How Will Chilean Miners Stay Sane?

They have been trapped a mile underground for 20 days, their only lifeline to the surface a bore hole the diameter of a grapefruit. For 33 miners, alive but imprisoned underground after an earthquake in Chile, it will take three months to be rescued. A former NASA official explains how they will survive in dark isolation for so long.

Why Has Kim Jong-il Gone to China?

As Jimmy Carter arrived in North Korea to help negotiate the release of an American prisoner, the country's leader and his son Kim Jong-un took a private train into China, according to South Korean officials. Is it a diplomatic snub, a cry for aid from the North's only real ally, or medical emergency for the sickly dictator?