William Lee Adams

Cuddle my world

Maybe the first night of your freshman year was awkward. At least you didn't ask a stranger if you could caress his shoulder. But, according to REiD Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski, founders of Cuddle Party, that's your loss."We need more touch in our lives.

Weddings: You, Me and Poochy

Fido's more than man's best friend: increasingly, he's the best man or a groomsman, too. Incorporating pets into wedding ceremonies has become this year's hottest wedding trend--and one that experts predict is unlikely to tail off.

Keep On Truckin'

Stephen Fraser, 38, is earning a college degree--and without even leaving his Freightliner. He's one of 500 students enrolled at In-Cab University, the first accredited college catering to the trucking community.

No Kitchen, Water Views

When Justin Omps, 28, moved aboard the Tycho Brahe last September, he transformed the timeworn tugboat into a floating frat house. Docked on the Potomac River at Washington, D.C.'s Gangplank Marina, Omps's 60-foot boat boasts an electric barbecue and a thatch-roof tiki bar lit by jumbo Christmas lights--and, inevitably, a trash bin overflowing with beer cans.


At the stroke of midnight on Friday, Harry Potter fanatics will descend on bookstores to claim "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," the sixth installment of J.


Four years after a spate of shark attacks prompted a media frenzy, is another "summer of the shark" about to break over us? A week ago last Saturday, a shark killed a 14-year-old girl off the coast of Destin, Fla.--the first fatal attack in the state since 2001.


Found on the bathroom floor, the 3-year-old victim of a house fire appeared lifeless. Boynton Beach, Fla., firefighter William Drumm administered oxygen immediately. "She started biting the mask and looking around," he says.


Sitting in the back seat of the family van, 4-year-old Lien Fleming plays with her frilly white socks and drops a bomb-shell: "My parents are probably dead." Margaret Fleming, her adoptive mother, doesn't flinch.

Practical Applications

Each year, 1,400 high-school students from more than 40 countries are invited to compete in the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), the world's largest precollege science contest.


Bells began tolling for same-sex couples in Massachusetts one year ago this week. A year in numbers:Date same-sex couples began legally marrying: May 17, 2004Number of same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts from May 17, 2004, until February 2005: 6,142Number of male couples: 2,170Number of female couples: 3,972Number of heterosexual marriages in Massachusetts during that time: 30,872Public support in Massachusetts for marriage equality in April 2005: 56%Public support one year ago:...


As early as June a new witch may descend on Salem, Mass. The TV Land cable network is poised to erect a nine-foot, 1,500-pound statue honoring Samantha Stevens--the witch-cum-housewife in the sitcom "Bewitched." Pending final approval by Salem next week, the bronze behemoth will depict Samantha flying on a broom before a crescent moon; it will sit in a small park. "It adds to the recognition of the city and offers a whimsical look at life," says Mayor Stanley Usovicz.But some residents are...

Prep Chic

Sean O'Mealia didn't want to go to Taft, a prestigious 115-year-old boarding school in western Connecticut. For starters, his buddies were staying at his public school in Middletown, N.

'I Always Liked to Fly'

Stricken with polio in 1946, the prognosis for 11-year-old Tenley Albright was bleak. Doctors didn't understand how the polio virus entered the body, and they didn't know how to treat it.