Candace Owens on Amber Heard: Kesha 'Did It First And Got Away With It'

Candace Owens has shared her thoughts on the public's reaction to Amber Heard amid her defamation trial, firing shots at the singer Kesha along the way.

Heard, 36, is currently locked in a court battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, 58. Depp has accused her of defamation in an op-ed published by The Washington Post, in which she said that she was a domestic abuse survivor.

While Depp wasn't named in the article, his lawyers have argued it was clear Heard was referring to him. While Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, the Aquaman star has countersued for $100 million for nuisance.

Amber Heard, Candace Owens, Kesha
Candace Owens (C) has weighed in on Amber Heard's (L) ongoing defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp, saying that Kesha (R) "did it first. And got away with it." JIM WATSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images;/Jason Davis/Getty Images;/Leon Bennett/Getty Images

The high-profile trial, which is taking place at Virginia's Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse, has seen both parties accuse one another of domestic abuse, as well as both denying the allegations.

As debate rages on over the former couple's trial, Owens, 33, took to Twitter on Tuesday to share her take and add Kesha, 35, to the conversation.

Owens wrote: "Love that everyone realizes what Amber Heard is but it feels appropriate to remind you all that @KeshaRose did it first. And got away with it."

Music journalist Eve Barlow, who is known to be a friend of Heard, responded to Owens' tweet and accused the host of "misogyny."

"Well I'm glad Candace Owens has now proven how demented you all sound," Barlow wrote above a screenshot of Owens' tweet. "Kesha was also not a perfect victim. Your misogyny is showing."

Owens is one of a number of conservative figureheads who have spoken out against Heard during the trial, while also using the opportunity to take aim at the #MeToo movement, whose rise led to countless women speaking out against sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and rape culture.

With such messages reaching collectively sizable audiences—and a plethora of social media videos making light of Heard's allegations—there has now been a push back on social media against the messaging.

Ruth Davison, CEO of Shelter, a U.K.-based charity that supports sexual abuse survivors, said that the disparaging takes online will potentially lead to extending the trauma for those affected.

"The online narratives surrounding the broadcast of this trial are very troubling, with the same terrible tropes being seen and heard about survivors of abuse," Davison told The Tab. "It will be deeply triggering for survivors to hear and see these harmful stereotypes."

"This is a dynamic we see being played out time and again. Victim blaming of survivors and negative tropes in social media are not just potentially re-traumatizing for survivors, they may well deter others from coming forward to seek justice."

While Owens didn't specify exactly what it was that Kesha did "first" in her tweet on Tuesday, the conservative commentator has been critical of Kesha, who had previously accused music producer Dr. Luke of raping her and fellow singer Katy Perry.

In August 2018, amid the plethora of lawsuits between Dr. Luke, 48, and Kesha, Owens wrote on Twitter: "I am a big believer that women who are caught faking their sexual assaults or rape, should face the same sentencing as their would-be offenders.

"These women should also have to register as sexual offenders. Where is the media coverage on the vindication of Dr. Luke?"

Responding to a Twitter user's now-deleted tweet in the thread, Owens added: "This is totally different. Kesha claimed that both she and Katy Perry were actually raped. She then dropped the charges and Katy Perry just came out saying it NEVER happened."

Dr. Luke
Kesha had previously accused Dr. Luke of raping her and fellow singer Katy Perry. Dr. Luke is pictured attending the 31st annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards at The Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center on April 23, 2014 in Hollywood, California. Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

During a February 2016 text message exchange with Lady Gaga, full name Kesha Rose Sebert, had stated that Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, had raped Perry. Kesha had separately accused the producer of sexually assaulting her.

In February 2020, a New York Supreme Court Judge ruled that Kesha's texts were defamatory. "Publication of a false statement to even one person, here Lady Gaga, is sufficient to impose liability," the judge wrote at the time.

Additionally, the judge ruled that Kesha violated her contract with Dr. Luke's company KMI due to late royalty payments. Kesha was ordered to pay $374,000 in interest.

In 2017, Lady Gaga was served a subpoena for texts between her and the "High Road" singer, in which Kesha accused the producer of raping Perry. In a deposition unsealed in July 2017, Perry testified that Dr. Luke did not rape or sexually assault her, nor did they ever have a sexual or romantic relationship.

Owens has also been critical of Heard, stating in a tweet last month: "I'm on record calling Amber Heard a liar from day one. Many people don't realize that an abusive sociopath was able to seamlessly destroy a man because of the #metoo campaign.

"Never #believewomen Instead, listen to women. AND men. But believe facts. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp."

Heard and Depp's trial is scheduled to resume on May 16, following a week-long break due to a previously scheduled engagement for Judge Penney Azcarate.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for libel in Fairfax County Circuit Court after she wrote an op-ed piece in "The Washington Post" in 2018 referring to herself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse." Depp is pictured in the courtroom at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 3, 2022. JIM WATSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images