James Corden Gives Joe Biden Edible Arrangement and Picture of Harry Styles

In a sneak peek of what's to come this week on The Late Late Show with James Corden, host James Corden surprises President Joe Biden with an edible arrangement as well as a picture of Corden with Harry Styles.

Corden is taking his late-night show to his hometown of London, but before he goes, he stops by the White House to meet up with the president of the United States. In the 30-second clip, Corden shows up in the Oval Office with a couple of gifts for Biden. The post has over 30,000 likes and over 119,000 views.

"Mr. President," Corden says holding a bouquet of differently shaped fruits, explaining what each fruit is and what shape it's cut in, "This is both a snack and a gift."

He also sneaks in a picture of Corden with well-known singer Harry Styles when they did their carpool karaoke episode.

"You're covering up Harry Truman," Biden said.

"You could have one Harry with another Harry, I'm just saying. I just think it brightens the place up," Corden replied.

James Corden Joe Biden Harry Styles
James Corden heads to the White House in a sneak peak of what's to come on his late-night TV show. Ian Gavan/Alex Wong/Handout/Getty Images

Fans and followers shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Hilarious," commented actress Octavia Spencer.

"JAMES THIS IS ICONIC," one Instagram user exclaimed.

"James always thinks about his bestie harry," wrote another.

One exclaimed, "Can't wait to watch this in full."

"A Harry Styles picture in the Oval Office is 100% the best thing to happen to the Oval Office ever," a user said.

"Now, i love his office with this pic," another commented.

In April, Corden announced that he will be leaving his position as Late Late Show host come 2023. He has been the host of the hit CBS series since 2015. On his show, he's had a wide variety of celebrities, royals, politicians and others including Prince Harry, the members of One Direction, Bill Clinton, Nicolas Cage, Olivia Rodrigo, Ariana DeBose, RuPaul and BTS.

"When I started this journey, it was always going to be just that. It was going to be a journey, an adventure. I never saw it as my final destination, you know? And I never want this show to overstay its welcome in any way. I always want to love making it," he wrote in the statement announcing his departure.

Throughout his career as a host, Corden has done many skits and sketches with celebrities that have reached millions of views online including Carpool Karaoke, Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, and Crosswalk the Musical.

Viewers have also seen James do outrageous stunts such as skydiving with Tom Cruise, kidnapping the Jonas Brothers, visiting an escape room with Ariana Grande and taking the cast of Avengers: Infinity War on a bus tour.