'Sea of Thieves' Bounty Skull Guide: How to Complete Order of Souls Missions

The Order of Souls is one of three voyage-giving factions in Sea of Thieves. Missions for this group typically involve finding a wayward skeleton soul, killing it, and returning the cursed skull back to an outpost. This sounds dangerous, but is actually incredibly easy if you follow these steps. You can also check out our other Sea Of Thieves guides linked at the bottom of the article.

'Sea of Thieves' Bounty Skull Guide: How to Complete Order of Souls Missions

Follow these tips to complete Bounty Skull voyages for the Order of Souls Rare/Bob Fekete

Step 1: Get a Bounty Skull voyage

First, you'll need a Voyage to go on. To start a voyage, be sure to follow our Voyage Guide. For Order of Souls missions, you'll want to find the house on any given outpost with various colored lights out front. These always indicate the house belongs to the Order of Souls. Once inside, talk to the person behind the counter to get your voyages to vote on.

Step 2: Start the Order of Souls Voyage

Once back on the ship, vote on any Order of Souls voyage, and you'll be given at least one Wanted poster. Each poster shows the skeleton you'll need to hunt down for the mission, as well as the location where you can find the skeleton. The islands typically aren't far away from the outpost (especially for the earlier voyages), so do a quick search on the map in the captain's quarters to find the island you need to sail to.

Once marked, set sail.

Step 3: Kill the Baddies

Once you arrive at your destination island, hop off and prepare for a fight. Loads of regular skeletons will swarm out. Take them out one at a time to make it easier, or try hopping on a rock. This way, you're out of their reach and can still swing your sword down at them to deal damage.

The wanted Skeleton will be marked by a red name over its head, as seen here Rare/Bob Fekete

The main skeleton will eventually appear if you wander around enough, and will be marked with a red title floating over its head. The target skeleton will usually wear different clothes than the regular skeletons to make it even more noticeable. Once you kill the target skeleton, look for a skull on the ground. Pick it up and carry it back to your ship.

A bounty skull waiting to be picked up Rare/Bob Fekete

Step 4: Cashing in

Cash in the Bounty Skulls at the Order of Souls locations on Outposts Rare/Bob Fekete

Now it's time to get paid. Simply return to an outpost with your skull(s) and bring the skull(s) to the Order of Souls merchant. You'll be rewarded in some gold and new Order of Souls missions to tackle. Like the other factions, the more voyages you complete for the Order of Souls, the more your rank will increase with them. This means you'll have access to additional items and voyages.

Order Of Souls Achievements & Titles: Mini-Task Commendations List

  • Voyager of Lost Souls - Complete 10 Order of Souls Voyages
  • Mercenary of the Ancient Order - Earn 1,000 Gold from Order of Souls Voyages
  • Sailor of the Whispering Bones - Sail 10 nautical miles on Order of Souls Voyages
  • Seeker of Lost Souls - Purchase 5 Order of Souls Voyages
  • Hunter of Foul Skulls - Deliver 20 Foul Bounty Skulls to the Order of Souls
  • Hunter of Disgraced Skulls - Deliver 20 Disgraced Bounty Skulls to the Order of Souls
  • Hunter of Hateful Skulls - Deliver 20 Hateful Bounty Skulls to the Order of Souls
  • Hunter of Villainous Skulls - Deliver 20 Villainous Bounty Skulls to the Order of Souls
  • Hunter of Cursed Crews - Defeat 20 Skeleton Crews
  • Hunter of Cursed Captains - Defeat 20 Skeleton Captains
  • Raider of Cursed Strongholds - Clear 10 Skeleton Forts
  • Hunter of Fort Skulls - Deliver 10 Skeleton Fort Skulls to the Order of Souls


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