'Sea of Thieves' Voyage Guide: How to Start Quests and Complete Missions

Sea of Thieves is out now and players are still figuring out what to do once they set sail on the open ocean. That's where Voyages, the name for quests or missions in Sea of Thieves, come in. Completing these will allow you to earn gold and new items. Here's everything you need to know about starting and completing Voyages from your first to your last. You can also check out our other Sea Of Thieves guides posted in the links at the bottom of the article.

'Sea of Thieves' Voyage Guide: How to Start and Complete Quests and Missions

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You'll need to complete voyages in Sea of Thieves if you want to buy any new stuff Rare/Bob Fekete

What Kind Of Voyages Are There? How Do They Differ?

There are three different voyage types right now in Sea of Thieves : Merchants Alliance, Gold Hoarders and the Order of Souls. All voyage types cost money to start, but the first few voyages for each faction will be free to help you build up some cash.

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The voyage options at the Order of Souls outpost Rare/Bob Fekete

Merchant Alliance voyages are all about capturing animals like pigs and chickens. Gold Hoarders missions are typical pirate adventures, with players following a treasure map and digging up a chest of gold. Order of Souls missions are bounty hunts. Players are tasked with killing specific enemies and taking shining skeleton skulls back for rewards.

How Do I Start my First Voyage?

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You'll need to propose voyages on your ship if you want to complete them Rare/Bob Fekete

Here are the steps to starting your first Voyage, and every voyage thereafter:

  • Buy a voyage from one of the three factions at an outpost
  • Enter the captain's quarters on the ship
  • Find the voyage table and vote to pick - Once you've found it, interact with the table and you'll be able to pick a voyage. Every player in your group can propose a voyage for the team to embark on, so players must vote on the voyages once they're on the table. Even if you are playing alone, you'll still have to vote for your own voyage to start it.
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You need to vote on a voyage before you can start it Rare/Bob Fekete

Once a voyage has started, players will receive a piece of information. For Merchant Alliance missions, this is usually a checklist of animals to recover, and a location to bring them to once you have them. Gold Hoarders give a treasure map to follow, and Order of Souls members give Wanted posters of the evil skeletons that need to be murdered.

How do I Complete Voyage Quests And Missions?

Finishing a Voyage: What to Do with Chests and Other Loot

Once you've completed the voyage's task (finding treasure, collecting animals, obtaining bounty skulls) it's time to cash in on your hard work. Return to any outpost (unless one is specified like with the Merchant Alliance voyages) and talk to the voyage-giver on that outpost. Make sure you're holding the chest/animal/whatever when talking to get the prompt to finish the voyage. Once done, you'll be rewarded with gold and XP towards that voyage-giver's faction.

Sea Of Thieves Chest Gold Missing? What To Do If You Aren't Getting Gold For Chests

One of the best parts of completing chest quests in Sea of Thieves is getting gold for the chest, animals and other loot you turn in. Unfortunately, some player have been having an issue with getting their just rewards. When turning in chests to the Gold Hoarders, many have reported that they don't see their gold balance increase at all in the game. If you are having this issue with quest chests, here are some things that might be happening:

  • The Game Hasn't Caught Up - if you've just turned in a Chest to a Gold Hoarder and it isn't showing up in your account, give it a few minutes and it'll likely appear. If it still doesn't show up, try to buys something really inexpensive and this could make your true balance appear.
  • You Left A Game And Joined Another - this is another common cause of gold not showing up after you sell a bunch of items to the Gold Hoarder. As with the previous problem, the gold is there, it's just not showing up yet. Purchasing a small item may help to get your true balance to appear

Still Not Getting Gold For Chests? - While most all of the issue with gold primarily stem from server overload from the game's recent launch, if you still aren't getting your gold, it's best to file a support ticket with Sea of Thieves devs at Rare.