Truth Social Team Working 'Around The Clock' Following Troubled Launch, Says Devin Nunes

The team at the Donald Trump-backed social network Truth Social are working "literally around the clock" to address its numerous problems following its shaky rollout, according to former California congressman Devin Nunes.

Nunes, who resigned from office to become chief executive officer of the app's creator Trump Media and Technology Group, urged people to stick with the "free speech" social network and promised that it will move beyond its teething problems.

Truth Social, which was meant to mark a return to social media for Trump, went live on the Apple App store in the early hours of February 21 and was almost immediately hit with a number of issues.

Users complained about errors on the app not allowing them to sign up for an account. When they were finally able to set one up, they were then put in a queue with hundreds of thousands of other people ahead of them before they could actually start using Truth Social.

More than two weeks after it launched on the App store, there is still no word on when Truth Social will have a functioning website, or be available on Android.

Speaking to the right-wing One America News Network, Nunes said the Truth Social team are still working to "bring people on as quickly as we can" and said improvements are coming.

"Our team is working literally around the clock 24/7," Nunes said. "And as we grow and as we add people, we squash bugs, we're making changes right. Matter of fact, we should have in the next day or two another Apple update."

Nunes, who previously stated that the app may not be fully rolled out until the end of March, added the team is "slowly working" getting a website for users to post on up and running.

"Also we're doing—it's not perfect—but we're doing everything we can to keep the platform clean, and to keep off all the nasty bots and the people that aren't really real people," Nunes added.

The problems for Truth Social still continue, with people complaining that their place in the lengthy waiting list to officially join the network is not going down after several days.

Most telling of all is the fact that Trump himself isn't even posting on the app which is basically for him and his supporters.

More than two weeks since it went live, Trump has still only one "truth"— the app's equivalent of a tweet—on his profile.

Others who have managed to join Truth Social have already suggested that they are losing interest in it because of the lack of people interacting on the app.

According to data shared with Newsweek by SimilarWeb, which tracks website traffic and performance, user interest in Truth Social does appear to be waning soon after its launch.

In terms of unique users, Truth Social is lagging behind other conservative "free speech" social media sites Parler and Gettr.

The data suggests that Truth Social currently has 200,000 unique visitors, compared to 285,000 for Parler and 1.1 million unique visitors for Gettr.

App store download page visits for Truth Social is also down from 361,000 visits for the week of February 20, when it become the number one free app on the Apple marketplace, to only 90,000 visits for the week ending March 6.

Just prior to Nunes' appearance on OANN, Truth Social emailed its users to assure them their experiences on the app will improve after they were able to "remedy errors in real time" with the phased rollout.

"We are building a platform to take on Big Tech, but in a fraction of the time," the email states.

"Consequently, we need to ensure the platform remains stable and provides users with the best experience possible. Our mission is to reclaim the digital public square for free expression.

"Rest assured, the entire TRUTH team is working around the clock to allow everyone to join us as quickly as possible. There are great things to come."

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Truth Social is working "literally around the clock" to address its issues following its shaky rollout, according to Devin Nunes. Chip Somodevilla/Gado/Getty Images