Twitter Trolls Ted Cruz for Naughty Limerick Directed at Biden

Twitter users have trolled Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz after he referenced a dirty limerick poem in relation to the upcoming travels of Democratic President Joe Biden.

"There once was a man from Nantucket ..." Cruz wrote in a tweet published Tuesday morning. The tweet was attached to an article mentioning that Biden plans on spending his Thanksgiving holiday on Nantucket, an island off the southeastern coast of Massachusetts.

Cruz's tweet is the opening line for one of several well-known limericks, most of which are sexual in nature. While Cruz didn't continue reciting the poem he had in mind, Twitter users trolled Cruz with limericks of their own.

One Twitter user using the screename @JoJoFromJerz wrote:

"There once was a small 'man' named Ted.
Who in a crisis to Mexico fled.
He said with a smirk
Because he's a terrible jerk
'Don't blame me, blame my daughters instead'.

Her limerick was a reference to criticism Cruz faced in February for taking a trip to Cancun, Mexico, while his home state suffered mass power outages and utility shutdowns amid winter storms. Millions of Texans had gone without power or heat and a few died amid the storms.

Cruz said that he went to Cancun to accompany his daughters on an impromptu vacation.

Another Twitter poet with the screenname @kgriffin33 wrote her own version of @JoJoFromJerz's poem, but added two additional stanzas which referenced other highlights and lowlights from Cruz's career:

"The dog left behind
Put Ted in a bind
One lie after another he told
From Green Eggs and Ham
To border mayhem
He grew increasingly bold"

"Long days spent tweeting
In lieu of meetings
Talk of masks and vaccines not heard
Said I'd rather be a jerk Than ever work.
Then he picked a fight with Big Bird".

The poem references public upset expressed over the mistaken belief that Cruz had abandoned his family's pet poodle to freeze alone at home while he and his family were in Cancun.

The poem also references Cruz's 2013 reading of children's author Dr. Seuss' book "Green Eggs and Ham" while making a long speech against the Affordable Care Act in the Senate.

The limerick also notes Cruz's prolific tweeting. Cruz is the Senate's third-most prolific Twitter user among Republicans, according to an April 2021 analysis of each federal Congress member's Twitter use, conducted by D.C.–based public affairs consulting firm Hamilton Place Strategies. In the first three months of 2021, Cruz tweeted 800 times.

The poem mentions Cruz's repeated mention of the immigrant crisis at the southern U.S. border as well as mask and vaccine mandates. Cruz and other Republicans often cite those as proof of the Biden administration's failures.

Lastly, it mentions that Cruz recently criticized Big Bird, the anthropomorphized bird on the children's educational TV show Sesame Street for recently appearing in a public service announcement encouraging children to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

A third poem, from Twitter user @BettyBowers, a comedic figure who often mocks right-wing politicians and Christians, also mentions Cruz's Cancun trip:

"There once was a dork cult appeasing,
And streaming MILF porn, self-pleasing.
Ted promised them the moon,
But schlepped off to Cancun,
Leaving constituents freezing."

The mention of pornography references a September 2017 incident in which Cruz's Twitter account was found to have liked an adult video.

The clip, 2 minutes and 20 seconds in length, showed a woman walking into what appears to be her house. There, she discovered a couple having sexual intercourse. She proceeded to watch them, seemingly pleased by what she saw.

Cruz's account removed the "like" as soon as other Twitter users began to notice it. However, many started to mock him over it. Cruz later said that someone else with access to his Twitter account had "liked" the video.

Newsweek contacted Cruz's office for comment.

Ted Cruz limerick Twitter Joe Biden
Twitter users have trolled Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz after he referenced a dirty limerick poem in relation to the upcoming travels of President Joe Biden. In this photo, Cruz questions U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, September 14, 2021, in Washington, D.C. Drew Angerer/Getty