Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Biden 'Mentally Incompetent' in State of the Union Response

Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene launched a scathing attack on "mentally incompetent" President Joe Biden in a video response to his State of the Union address.

The controversial congresswoman who recently spoke at a white nationalist event, insulted the president, as well as his son Hunter Biden, during a 30-minute conspiracy laden speech on Right Side Broadcasting Network, a conservative media company known for livestreaming Donald Trump rallies.

Greene, who along with fellow Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert heckled the president as he gave the State of the Union address, including attempting to start a "build the wall" chant in the chamber, attacked the president while falsely claiming he has sent "thousands of troops" to Eastern Europe to defend Ukraine's borders following Russia's invasion.

"Under President Trump, this [war] would have never happened. For four years our country had a real leader that led America and the entire world to peace for strength," Greene said.

"But now we have a mentally incompetent, feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap," Greene added, referencing a similar quote made by Kathy McCollum, whose son, Rylee, was among the 13 U.S. service members killed at Kabul airport as troops were withdrawing from Afghanistan last August.

The remarks are also similar to Green's previous criticism of Biden prior to the Afghanistan withdrawal in a video she posted on conservative social media site, Gettr.

"Joe Biden, you are not a president, you are a piece of s**t," Greene said.

"Thousands of Americans are stuck over there in Afghanistan and you are letting the Taliban kick your ass, while you are lecturing governors about masks and vaccines. Do your job, bring these Americans home."

Elsewhere, Greene also made unsubstantiated claims that Biden is "totally compromised" and being blackmailed by world leaders because of a dismissed conspiracy theory regarding a laptop belonging to his son, Hunter Biden.

Greene said the "globalist" Biden is not protecting America as he is working in the interests of China, Russia and for "anyone, anywhere that has blackmail evidence on his sexually deviant drug addled deadbeat dad pathetic, sorry, embarrassing excuse of a son."

Greene was attempting to bring back a dubious smear campaign pushed by conservative against figures in the run up to the 2020 Election.

This includes speculating without evidence that Hunter Biden's laptop contained child pornography as well as allegations it contained emails and documents which showed Joe Biden waded into his son's overseas business dealings while serving as vice president

Fox News' Tucker Carlson also promised to reveal "authentic, real and damning" documents regarding Hunter Biden's business dealings in China and the Ukraine, which he later claimed were lost in the mail.

Greene has been contacted for comment.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene at the State of the Union address. J. Scott Applewhite-Pool/Getty Images