Woman Claims Her 'Haunted' Doll Collection is Scaring Off Her Neighbors

Thanks to films like The Conjuring franchise and Chucky, "haunted" dolls are no longer solely the domain of paranormal investigators and toy collectors. Haunted dolls are out in the wild (literally), snuggling up to toddlers and popping up in museums around the world.

Even Stormy Daniels has a haunted doll named "Susan," which received an honorable mention in her former lawyer Michael Avenatti's trial for wire fraud and identity theft charges in January.

But one woman claims her haunted doll drama is scaring off her neighbors. User soulmori began sharing her supernatural encounters with followers in April 2021, beginning with a ghost named "Gilbert" who haunts her family home. Over time, her fascination with the paranormal led her to start collecting haunted dolls, who now share her apartment.

In a post shared on Monday April 25 (which can be viewed here), soulmori responded to comments from followers about her neighbors' reaction to her otherworldly roommates.

In the video, which has received 21,000 likes and 260 comments in just 24 hours, she said: "I'm assuming this is regarding the paranormal activity that occurs in my very haunted apartment.

"Now, I am aware I made the apartment haunted by collecting all of these haunted objects.

"And yes, the neighbors have recognized the paranormal activity that radiates from my apartment."

She explained that shortly after she began collecting the haunted dolls, neighbors began to move out of the apartment building.

"In passings by, a few people have mentioned 'Hey, have you experienced anything weird here?'

"I do everything I can to contain it to my apartment. I kindly ask the spirits 'please do not bother anybody else,' but I am aware that there is only a certain level of control I have over the spirits and what they choose to do."

Currently, there are several empty apartments in soulmori's block, with most of the spaces directly around her apartment. Despite her hair-raising roomies losing them tenants, the landlord doesn't seem to have a problem with soulmori's haunted doll collection.

She continued: "They said 'well, it's your choice,' and I cannot confirm that all these vacant apartments are due to the paranormal activity."

In the long-term, soulmori hopes to get a house so no one else is "plagued or bothered" by the haunted dolls or the spirits that possess them.

She concluded her post with: "Sorry if I made you move out. My bad."

The first doll in soulmori's collection was Gilbert—who she discovered as well as an Ouija board and creepy mural—in her family home.


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The second doll to join the collection was "Gloria," a clown puppet that soulmori found in the house's crawl space. Next were "Cecila" and "Cynthia," before a Raggedy Ann doll that soulmori describes as "cursed." She also owns many more creepy but non-haunted specimens that share a bookcase in soulmori's home.

Soulmori claims that the dolls move and talk to her, making unsettling statements such as "I knew I was going to die" and "I have never known peace."

Out of 1,067 people surveyed by Realtor.com, 40 percent suspected their home to be haunted. A third of those questioned said they'd consider buying a spook-laden property if it was cheaper, but 49 percent said they wouldn't live with a specter under any circumstances.


my collection got out of hand & needed an entire bookcase😅 now they all have a place to live💘 #haunteddoll#doll#vintage#collector#paranormal#haunted

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Newsweek spoke to Paul, a paranormal investigator at Paranormal Lincs, a supernatural investigation service based in the UK. He believes spiritual energy can be attached to an object, but that it's not possible for spirits to "possess" dolls or other items.

He explained: "Psychic energy is capable of holding onto an object.

"For example, in an unfortunate situation where a child has passed away. If the child was in possession of a doll at the time, it is possible it can leave an impression of psychic energy.

"But I don't personally believe that dolls can become possessed."

Paul has been contacted several times by people claiming to own a haunted doll, but none of the claims have been verified.

"I'd like to be proven wrong," he said. "But as it is, [a haunted doll] sell films and books—it makes people money."

According to Paul, common places to find items with "impressions" are include second-hand shops or garage sales.

"It's the feeling that's been left behind," he explained. "Especially when there has been a house clearance or someone has passed away."

Whether or not haunted dolls really exist, fellow TikTok users shared their own stories of supposed supernatural encounters.

Jade commented: "My ex used to attract spirits. He once lived in a house where he constantly felt harassed by a spirit. He barely ever spoke about it though."

Bananafunnyface said: "I have a super. old raggedy Anne doll that was my moms and was My ancestors....

"My mom keeps telling me to never get rid of it. I'm going to ask my grandma about it but idk."

Anne :)) wrote: "My porcelain musical rabbit started playing music on its own after always watching your videos right beside it."

Newsweek has contacted soulmori for comment.

Woman's haunted dolls are scaring off neighbors
Close up of a creepy vintage doll's face with another doll obscured in the background. Soulmori's haunted dolls are refusing to stay confined to her apartment and spooking the Tiktoker's neighbors. Cara Walton/iStock/Getty Images Plus