America's Most Trusted Grocery Retailer - Top 5 by Region

America's Most Trusted Grocery Retailer

Have you ever thought about why you frequent a particular grocery store? Americans rely on grocery stores for many of their most essential household purchases, so shopping at a trusted store is important. Where you buy your groceries is influenced by selection, customer service and price factors. What may not be obvious is how these factors contribute to delivering on your needs and keep you coming back. Keeping consumers coming back means building trust.

In partnership with Newsweek, BrandSpark International announced a special edition of its BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards (BMTAs), highlighting the most trusted grocery stores as voted by American shoppers. BrandSpark surveyed 3200 Americans to capture their real opinions of what grocery store brands they trust the most. Trusted leaders were identified in 32 categories, including the Top 5 grocery retailers nationally and in four major regions, by store format, and across 22 attributes that drive trust. Knowing which grocers other Americans trust can help you navigate your options during the busiest grocery shopping time of the year.

RegionRank #1Rank #2Rank #3Rank #4Rank #5
NortheastShopRiteWalmartALDIStop & ShopWegmans
WestWalmartSafewayCostcoTrader Joe'sKroger
The winners and how they are determined
The 2022 BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards winners are listed above. 3200 American shoppers determined the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards winners and results are ranked based on the greatest volume of mentions. The brand(s) voted most trusted is listed as Rank #1 and any brand Ranked 1-5 is considered a "Top 5 Trust Leader" having garnered a significant trust share in the category. The grocery retailers nationally and by region and the attributes results are based on selection from a comprehensive list of 52 retailers nationally. The Most Trusted results by store format are based on top-of-mind unaided responses.