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Trips and Tour Operators

There are some trips—usually the most unforgettable ones—that require expert planning, knowledge and resources. The best tour operators know how to adapt on the road—and in this new era of travel. Our panel highlighted companies and trips that are focused on a forward-thinking traveler and impacting the destinations and communities they touch positively.

Future of Travel Awards 2021 Winners


  • Abraham Path Experiences
  • AltruVistas
  • Explorer's Passage
  • Impulse Travel Colombia
  • Natural Habitat Adventures

Kathleen Rellihan

Abraham Path Initiative's mission to show the hospitable side of the Middle East is more important than ever. By connecting travelers walking along the Abraham Path to local communities it not only creates more cultural understanding but hope and prosperity in the region.

Kathleen Rellihan
Travel Editor, Newsweek

Paula Vlamings

AltruVistas helps travelers to truly understand the impacts and ethics of travel by connecting with local leaders who are on the front lines of the change tourism is bringing to their communities.

Paula Vlamings
Chief Impact Officer, Tourism Cares; co-founder, Future of Tourism Coalition

Shannon Stowell

Explorers Passage embodies the personal transformation of the founder from someone working in finance creating a travel company that then transforms again into a force for climate action. A rare and powerful story.

Impulse Travel Colombia enables travelers to experience a destination through music and the rhythms of the country's deep soul while helping increase communities' pride in their roots.

Shannon Stowell
CEO of Adventure Travel Trade Association

Kathleen Rellihan

For 35 years, Natural Habitat Adventures has helped travelers both explore and protect nature, leading the way through innovative partnerships (with World Wildlife Fund, for example), or by designing sustainable experiences such as the world's first zero-waste adventure trip.

Kathleen Rellihan
Travel Editor, Newsweek

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Trips and Tour Operators

  • AltruVistas — Transforms communities through sustainable and philanthropic travel
  • Natural Habitat Adventures — Pioneered first zero-waste adventure trip
  • Intrepid Travel — Introduced low-carbon alternative tours and set emission reduction targets
  • Sojrn — Leads modern study abroad programs for adults while they work remotely
  • G Adventures — Provides transparency with a "ripple score" which calculates local tour costs that remain in the destination
  • Invisible Cities — Trains people who have experienced homelessness to become walking tour guides of their own city
  • WHOA Travel — Offers adventure trips for women including Kilimanjaro climbs specialized for body-positive and women 50 and over
  • NoFlyTravel Club — Curates sustainable rail trips in Europe
  • Table Less Traveled — Small groups culinary travel company that starting offers offering virtual cooking experiences during the pandemic
  • Unsettled — Offers coworking retreat experiences and new Team Journeys for remote companies
  • Fluenz Spanish Immersion — Offers luxury immersion trips and face-to-face online immersions as a result of the pandemic
  • Justice Tourism — Focuses on sustainable social-impact and grassroots travel
  • Impulse Travel Colombia — Regenerates local economies through community-based tourism
  • Todos Santos Eco-Adventures —Actively working to offset 100 percent of its carbon emissions by 2022 and is the first and only Mexican tour operator to be a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council
  • Black Cultural Heritage Tours — Creates local immersive tours celebrating Black heritage
  • Explorer X — Leads transformative trips to the first Quiet Park with the Sound Tracker Gordon Hempton
  • andBeyond —Rehomes poached pangolins in South Africa through its conservation-tourism experiences
  • Abraham Path Experiences — Leads cross-cultural walking experiences in the Middle East
  • Explorer's Passage — Trains future climate champions through its 2041 ClimateForce Antarctica Expedition