'Octopath Traveler' Character Guide: Olberic the Warrior

Olberic Eisenberg is one of the eight characters whom you can choose to play when starting Octopath Traveler. A 35-year-old warrior with a storied past and new resolve, Olberic resides in the highlands of Cobbleston.

His biography states:

"Your name is Olberic, and you are a warrior.

"Once a proud knight, you lost both king and kingdom in a bloody coup. Today, you serve as a master-at-arms for a remote mountain village.

"'To what end do I swing my blade?'"

"The question tortured you night after restless night.

"Then, one day, you overhear a name from your past, giving you new purpose…"

Olberic's meeting story is about the ghosts of his past as a knight in a war-torn, lost kingdom. After his country's fall, he lost his ambition and drive. He retired to the town of Cobbleston under an alias and let his legend die along with his country, choosing to act as the town's combat teacher. When his devoted protege is kidnapped by bandits, Olberic rushes to the rescue and learns that his past does not lie quietly.

Olberic is a straightforward damage dealer who has no spells or finicky abilities. If you're looking forward to grinding using Octopath Traveler's excellent combat system, Olberic is a fine choice as his path talent lets him pick fights which you can use to level up. Sturdily built with excellent health and defense, Olberic is a combat-oriented character who complements any party.

Olberic's path action is Challenge, which allows him to challenge townspeople to a duel. This can be used to level up your characters without grinding in dungeons or combat zones.

Olberic's talent is Bolster Defense, which enables him to Boost while defending and protect against even the mightiest of blows.

Olberic's primary job is Warrior. Warriors can equip both swords and polearms and have the following bonuses:

  • Max HP +18 percent
  • Physical Attack +5 percent
  • Physical Defense +5

Warrior skills are:

  • Level Slash (9 SP): Attack all foes with a sword.
  • Abide (4 SP): Increase the user's physical attack strength for three turns.
  • Spearhead (6 SP): Attack a single foe with a polearm, and act earlier on your next turn.
  • Incite (4 SP): Become more readily targeted by foes for three turns.
  • Cross Strike (12 SP): Unleash a sword attack on a single foe.
  • Stout Wall (4 SP): Increase the user's physical defense for three turns.
  • Thousand Spears (20 SP): Attack random foes with a polearm five to 10 times.
  • Brand's Thunder (30 SP, Divine Skill): Unleash a tremendously powerful sword attack on a single foe.

Warrior support skills are:

  • Cover: The equipping character will absorb single-targeted damage for allies who are near death.
  • Summon Strength: Increases the physical attack strength of the equipping character by 50.
  • Endure: When the equipping character is afflicted with poison, sleep, confusion, blindness, silence, terror, or unconsciousness, their physical and elemental defenses are enhanced.
  • Surpassing Power: Increases the maximum damage that can be dealt by the equipping character to 99,999.

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