'Octopath Traveler' Character Guide: Therion the Thief

Therion is one of the eight characters whom you can choose to play when starting Octopath Traveler. A cynical 22-year-old thief, Therion lives in the town of Bolderfall in the rocky Cliftlands region of Western Orsterra.


"Your name is Therion, and you are a thief.

"While your past is a guarded secret, your exploits are known far and wide.

"Mere whispers of your extravagant heists strike fear into the hearts of the wealthy.

"Drifting into the Cliftlands one day, you hear a rumor of great riches to be had.

"You set your sights on a mansion said to be impregnable, only to find what you never expected…"

In Therion's meeting story, we learn that Therion had only one partner-in-crime, who left him for reasons unknown. We see the talented thief make plans to enter the legendary Ravus Manor in order to steal the great treasures it is said to possess. However, his plan goes awry, and Therion is forced to accept a commission to locate one of the Ravus family's missing heirlooms.

Therion is able to wield two different weapons in battle and also has access to fire magic. His skills help amp up his survivability in battle while also debuffing his enemies. Of course, he can also steal items, but there's no guarantee that he can use the items he steals. Thus, his HP Thief ability is critical in order for Therion to make it through his chapter without relying on expensive healing grapes.

Therion's path action is Steal, which lets him lift belongings off of townspeople. This works similarly to Tressa's Purchase path action but without a monetary cost. Steal can be used to move quests forward or obtain items that are otherwise difficult or impossible to get. It can also be used during battle to assess how much HP an enemy has left, as the likelihood of success increases proportionally to an enemy's loss of health.

Talent & Job

Therion's talent is Pick Lock, which enables him to open special chests found throughout the world and in dungeons.

Therion's primary job is Thief. Thieves can equip both swords and daggers and have the following bonuses:

  • Physical Attack +2 percent
  • Accuracy +5 percent
  • Critical +5 percent
  • Speed +8 percent
  • Evasion +8 percent

Thief Skills

  • Steal (2 SP): Steal an item from a single foe.
  • Wildfire (7 SP): Deal heavy fire damage to a single foe.
  • HP Thief (6 HP): Attack a single foe twice with a dagger, and steal HP equivalent to half the damage dealt.
  • Shackle Foe (4 SP): Reduce a single foe's physical attack strength for two turns.
  • Armor Corrosive (4 SP): Reduce a single foe's physical defense for two turns.
  • Steal SP (6 SP): Attack a single foe twice with a dagger, and steal SP equivalent to five percent of one's current SP to a single ally.
  • Share SP (0 SP): Bestow SP equivalent to 50 percent of one's current SP to a single ally.
  • Aeber's Reckoning (30 SP, Divine Skill): Attack all foes with a dagger, dealing damage proportional to your speed.

Thief Support Skills

  • Incidental Attack: When using a non-damaging skill on a foe, there is a 50 percent chance you will attack as well.
  • Fleetfoot: Increases the equipped character's speed by 50.
  • Snatch: The equipping character will receive double the loot when using steal or collect.
  • Insult to Injury: Status ailments and attribute penalties inflicted by the equipping character will last for one additional turn.

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