Top 10 Green Companies in the World

Top 10 Green Companies in the World

In partnership with Corporate Knights Capital and leading sustainability minds from nongovernmental organizations and the academic and accounting communities, Newsweek has ranked the world’s largest companies on corporate sustainability and environmental impact.

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Our Green Rankings Section

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RankCompanySectorGreen Score
1Vivendi (EPA: VIV)Telecommunication Services6.6_FE0223_GreenRankings_INT01_Vivendi85.3%
2Allergan (NYSE: AGN)Health Care6.6_FE0223_GreenRankings_US01_Allergan85.1%
3Adobe Systems (Nasdaq: ADBE)Information Technology6.6_FE0223_GreenRankings_INT03_Adobe84.4%
4Kering (EPA: KER)Consumer Discretionary6.6_FE0223_GreenRankings_INT04_Kering83.6%
5NTT Docomo (TYO: 9437)Telecommunication Services6.6_FE0223_GreenRankings_INT05_NTTDocomo83.1%
6Ecolab (NYSE: ECL)Materials6.6_FE0223_GreenRankings_INT06_Ecolab82.6%
7Atlas Copco (STO: ATCO)Industrials6.6_FE0223_GreenRankings_INT07_Atlas Copco77.2%
8Biogen Idec (Nasdaq: BIIB)Health Care6.6_FE0223_GreenRankings_US07_BiogenIdec75.7%
9Compass Group (LON: CPG)Consumer Discretionary6.6_FE0223_GreenRankings_INT09_CompassGroup75.3%
10Schneider Electric (EPA: SU)Industrials6.6_FE0223_GreenRankings_INT10_SchneiderElectric75.3%
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