Steve Friess

If Elected, Who Would Joe Biden Pick for the Supreme Court?

The Democratic presidential candidate hasn't released a list of potential candidates for the high court. But legal experts say the pool of qualified prospects is small enough to make some very good educated guesses about who the former veep might nominate if he wins in November.

Rashida Tlaib on Why She Won't Endorse Joe Biden

Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib has been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump since she took office yet refuses to officially back his Democratic opponent. What's up with that? Tlaib addresses the endorsement issue and other subjects in this Newsweek interview.

Joe Biden, Human Gaffe Machine, Was Once a Great Public Speaker

The presumptive Democratic nominee for president is well known for his garbled statements and inappropriate remarks but his career, surprisingly, has also been filled with eloquent and inspiring speeches. Here's a sampling of the best and worst of Biden, the orator.

Why Muslim Voters Love Bernie Sanders

The Democratic front runner has made a concerted effort to court the Muslim community—and his outreach is paying off in a big way. But will Muslim support come at the cost of Jewish votes?

The Demise of Vegas's Fine-Arts Scene

It was always an odd combination: Sin City and serious art. A decade ago, Las Vegas was full of brio about becoming the next Miami—a cultural mecca and art-tourism destination.

O.J.: No Friends, Not Even In Low Places

The last time O. J. Simpson was in Las Vegas, he spent his first night at the stylish Palms hotel-casino, and his last in the county jail. He's scheduled to return to Sin City this week for a pretrial hearing on his armed-robbery charges, and this time he might have trouble finding a good place to lay his head.

Music: Billy Bob Thornton's New Album

Billy Bob Thornton has a résumé any man would envy—Academy Award-winning American screenwriter, actor, as well as occasional director, playwright and ex-husband of Angelina Jolie.

Interview: Mel Brooks at 80

At 80, Mel Brooks is revered as America's national ham, the class clown who amuses even the most humorless amongst us. Brooks is one of an elite few performers to have won at least one Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy, and lately he's been busy refreshing some of his older material for a new generation.

MUSIC How to Sell Plastic CDs in a Digital Era

The program looked like "MTV Unplugged." There was Barry Manilow, performing six songs and chatting with an interviewer--for QVC. The TV shopping channel sold 43,000 copies of Manilow's latest album, "The Greatest Songs of the Sixties," along with a QVC-exclusive bonus disc, at $20 apiece.