Best Hospitals 2021 - France

World's Best Hospitals 2021

This is the third year that Newsweek has partnered with Statista Inc, the respected global data research firm, to reveal the World's Best Hospitals— and it may be our most important ranking yet.

As the events of 2020 made clear, our lives and those of our loved ones may rest on the kind of health care we have access to. The 2,000 hospitals named in this list—which covers 25 countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada —stand out for their consistent excellence, including distinguished physicians, top-notch nursing care and state-of-the-art technology.

Of course we hope that we, and you, won't need to seek care or visit a friend or family member in any hospital this year. But if you do, this ranking of the World's Best Hospitals 2021 can help you feel confident as you make a critical choice about medical care.

Nancy Cooper
Global Editor-in-Chief

RankHospitalCountryScoreCityUS StateSpecialityFootnotes
1AP-HP - Hôpital Universitaire Pitié SalpêtrièreFrance91.99%Paris
2AP-HP - Hôpital Européen Georges PompidouFrance90.85%Paris
3CHU Lille - Hôpital Claude-HuriezFrance84.71%Lille
4CHU Bordeaux - Groupe hospitalier PellegrinFrance82.85%Bordeaux
5Hôpital Paris Saint-JosephFrance82.48%Paris
6CHU Toulouse - Hôpital PurpanFrance82.43%Toulouse
7Polyclinique Santé AtlantiqueFrance80.08%St Herblain
8Hospices Civils de Lyon - Hôpital Lyon SudFrance80.01%Pierre Benite
9CHU Strasbourg - Hôpital de HautepierreFrance79.95%Strasbourg
10CHU Grenoble - Site NordFrance79.76%La Tronche
11AP-HM - Hôpital de la TimoneFrance79.59%Marseille
12CHU Nantes - Site Hôtel-DieuFrance79.58%Nantes1
13Clinique Francois ChenieuxFrance79.46%Limoges
14CHRU Nancy - Hôpital CentralFrance79.39%Nancy
15AP-HP - Hôpital Henri-MondorFrance78.97%Creteil
16Hospices Civils de Lyon - CHU Louis PradelFrance78.92%Bron
17Elsan - Clinique Saint-AugustinFrance78.65%Bordeaux
18AP-HM - Hôpital NordFrance78.49%Marseille
19AP-HP - Hôpital CochinFrance78.45%Paris
20Clinique PasteurFrance78.42%Toulouse
21Hospices Civils de Lyon - Hôpital Edouard HerriotFrance78.41%Lyon
22Clinique de l'AnjouFrance78.22%Angers
23Hôpital EuropéenFrance78.14%Marseille
24Polyclinique Reims-BezannesFrance78.11%Bezannes
25AP-HP - Hôpital Bichat-Claude-BernardFrance78.04%Paris
26CHU Amiens-PicardieFrance77.95%Amiens
27AP-HP - Hôpital Saint-AntoineFrance77.83%Paris
28CHU Nîmes - Hopital CarémeauFrance77.79%Nîmes
29CHU Tours - Hôpital BretonneauFrance76.29%Tours
30CHU Angers - Site LarreyFrance76.25%Angers
31Ramsay Santé - Hopital Prive Jean MermozFrance76.06%Lyon
32Hôpital Saint-JosephFrance75.94%Marseille
33Hopital Privé de Provence - Polyclinique du Parc RambotFrance75.85%Aix En Provence2
34Clinique de L'Europe RouenFrance75.79%Rouen
35Ramsay Santé - Hopital Prive La LouviereFrance75.77%Lille
36Hôpitaux Privés de Metz - Hôpital Belle-IsleFrance75.73%Metz
37CH Privé - St GrégoireFrance75.54%St Grégoire
38CHU Strasbourg - Hôpital CivilFrance75.43%Strasbourg
39Hospices Civils de Lyon - Hôpital de la Croix-RousseFrance75.40%Lyon
40Hôpitaux Privés de Metz - Hôpital Robert SchumanFrance75.36%Vantoux
41Hopital AmericainFrance75.25%Neuilly Sur Seine
42Clinique Rhena AssociationFrance75.24%Strasbourg
43CHU Lyon - Hôpital Renée SabranFrance75.23%Hyeres
44CHU Rennes - Site PontchaillouFrance75.18%Rennes
45Elsan - Hôpital Privé la ChâtaigneraieFrance74.90%Beaumont
46Hôpital Albert SchweitzerFrance74.89%Colmar
47CHU Dijon-Bourgogne - Hopital François MitterantFrance74.77%Dijon
48CHU Bordeaux - Hôpital Saint-AndréFrance74.76%Bordeaux
49Elsan - Polyclinique de GentillyFrance74.66%Nancy1
50AH-HP - Hôpital Antoine BéclèreFrance74.64%Clamart2
51Clinique Saint-GeorgeFrance74.54%Nice
52Clinique Mutualiste Jules-VernesFrance74.42%Nantes
53Ramsay Santé - Hopital Prive Dijon BourgogneFrance74.14%Dijon
54CHU Nice - Hôpital PasteurFrance74.11%Nice
55AP-HP - Hôpital Saint-LouisFrance74.07%Paris
56Médipôle de SavoieFrance73.98%Challes Les Eaux
57Infirmerie Protestante de LyonFrance73.96%Caluire Et Cuire
58Ramsay Santé - Clinique de l'UnionFrance73.96%St. Jean
59Ramsay Santé - Hopital Privé Le BoisFrance73.89%Lille
60CHU Saint-Étienne - Hôpital BellevueFrance73.78%St Etienne2
61Ramsay Santé - Hopital Prive de La LoireFrance73.71%St. Etienne
62AP-HP - Hôpital BicêtreFrance73.70%Le Kremlin Bicetre
63Centre Hospitalier Ouest ReunionFrance73.51%St Paul
64Institut Mutualiste MontsourisFrance73.38%Paris2
65Clinique Rive-GaucheFrance73.36%Toulouse2
66Ramsay Santé - Clinique des CèdresFrance73.34%Cornebarrieu2
67Clinique Saint GermainFrance73.30%St Germain En Laye
68Pôle santé OrélianceFrance73.27%Saran
69CHU Clermont-Ferrand - CHU Gabriel-MontpiedFrance73.26%Clermont Ferrand
70Elsan - CHP Brest - Polyclinique de KeraudrenFrance73.20%Brest
71Hôpital Privé du ConfluentFrance73.07%Nantes
72Clinique Internationale Parc MonceauFrance73.03%Paris
73Ramsay Santé - Hôpital Privé ClairvalFrance72.95%Marseille
74Centre Hospitalier GrasseFrance72.89%Grasse
75CHU Toulouse - Hôpital RangueilFrance72.83%Toulouse
76CHU Caen Normandie - Hôpital Côte de NacreFrance72.80%Caen
77AP-HP - Hôpital Albert ChenevierFrance72.79%Creteil2
78CHU Grenoble - Site SudFrance72.78%Echirolles
79Hôpital Privé des Côtes-d'ArmorFrance72.74%Plerin
80CH Colmar - Hôpital Louis PasteurFrance72.69%Colmar
81Ramsay Santé - Hôpital Privé Saint-MartinFrance72.68%Caen
82Centre Hospitalier Toulon - Hôpital Sainte MusseFrance72.55%Toulon
83Nouvelle Clinique Bel-AirFrance72.54%Bordeaux
84Centre Hospitalier Le MansFrance72.47%Le Mans
85Clinique Mutualiste de La SagesseFrance72.46%Rennes
86CHU Montpellier - Hopital LapeyronieFrance72.43%Montpellier
87Hopital de La Croix Saint SimonFrance72.23%Paris
88CHU Poitiers - La MilétrieFrance72.22%Poitiers
89CH ValenciennesFrance72.22%Valenciennes
90CHU Brest - Hôpital MorvanFrance72.21%Brest
91Elsan - Polyclinique Médipôle Saint-RochFrance72.21%Cabestany
92Elsan - Clinique Saint-PièrreFrance72.21%Perpignan
93CHU Rouen Normandie - Hôpital Charles-NicolleFrance72.19%Rouen
94Centre Hospitalier Saint-Brieuc - Hôpital Yves Le FollFrance72.14%St Brieuc
95Hôpital FochFrance72.07%Suresnes
96Clinique de Saint JosephFrance72.03%St Joseph2
97CHR Metz-Thionville - Hôpital de MercyFrance72.02%Ars Laquenexy
98CHI CréteilFrance71.82%Creteil
99Groupement des Hôpitaux de l'Institut Catholique de Lille - Hôpital Saint Vincent de PaulFrance71.80%Lille
100AP-HP - Hôpital LariboisièreFrance71.63%Paris
101CH Annecy Genevois - site AnnecyFrance71.61%Annecy
102Elsan - Polyclinique de PoitiersFrance71.60%Poitiers
103Centre Hospitalier de CannesFrance71.54%Cannes
104Centre Hospitalier de Cornouaille - Site de LaënnecFrance71.48%Quimper
105Ramsay Santé - Hôpital Privé Bois BernardFrance71.47%Bois Bernard
106CHRU Nancy - Hôpitaux de BraboisFrance71.42%Vandoeuvre Les Nancy
107CHU Lille - Hôpital SalengroFrance71.39%Lille
108CHU Besançon - Hôpital Jean MinjozFrance71.23%Besançon
109Ramsay Santé - Clinique La Croix du SudFrance71.21%Quint-Fonsegrives
110Clinique BelledonneFrance71.16%Saint-Martin-d'Hères
111Pôle Santé Léonard-de-VinciFrance71.05%Chambray Les Tours
112Centre Hospitalier Saint Joseph et Saint LucFrance70.62%Lyon
113Ramsay Santé - Clinique BelharraFrance70.58%Bayonne
114AP-HP - Hôpital TenonFrance70.38%Paris
115Polyclinique Saint-RochFrance70.27%Montpellier
116Ramsay Santé - Hôpital Privé d'AntonyFrance70.18%Antony
117Elsan - Polyclinique VaubanFrance70.16%Valenciennes
118Centre Hospitalier Privé Sainte MarieFrance70.12%Osny

Licensing Information:

If your hospital is listed above, you can find out more about the licensing options visiting the Statista website.

Global Board of Medical Experts:

The global board of medical experts was founded by Statista to support the World's Best Hospitals Project. The board is an independent body that is tasked with the continuous development of the quality and scope of the project. Current members of the board of experts are listed here.


The World's Best Hospital ranking lists the best hospitals in 25 countries: USA, Germany, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, Australia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Thailand, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Israel and Singapore. The countries were mainly selected based on standard of living/life expectancy, population size, number of hospitals and data availability.

The lists are based on three data sources:
• Recommendations from medical experts (doctors, hospitals managers, health care professionals)
• Results from patient surveys
• Medical KPIs on hospitals
• The number of hospitals awarded in each country varies based on the number of hospitals and data availability in the respective country. USA had the most hospitals awarded with 350, while Israel and Singapore were represented with 10 hospitals each. In total, 2,000 hospitals were ranked in this third edition of the ranking.
• Every hospital in each country is rated by a score.

Scores are only comparable between hospitals in the same country, because different sources for patient experience and medical KPIs were examined in each country. Since it was not possible to harmonize this data, cross-country comparisons of the scores are not possible (example: A score of 90 in country A doesn't necessarily mean that this hospital is better than a hospital with a score of 87 in country B).

• Specialized hospitals like heart or cancer hospitals differ in their offer from general hospitals, and therefore are displayed in a separate list. This list is sorted alphabetically because Hospitals with different specialties are not comparable.

U.S. hospitals were also awarded as best hospitals for infection prevention if they performed above the national average based on six different measures. This recognition is based on data from 01/01/2019 to 12/31/2019, published by CMS.

• In addition to the country lists, the study includes a Global Top 200 list. This list includes a ranking of the 100 best global hospitals, ranks 101-200 are sorted alphabetically.

For the 2021 rankings, a hospital survey was designed and sent out to hospitals. The purpose of this survey is to determine the status quo of Patient Reported Outcome Measurements (PROMs) implementation in hospitals which are represented in the ranking. PROMs will play a more significant part in future editions of the ranking.

Download the methodology overview here.

Download the extended methodology here.


1 - No medical KPI was used to determine the score for these hospitals. Their scores relies on patient satisfaction data and recommendations from medical experts.
2 - No patient satisfaction data was used to determine the score for these hospitals. Their scores relies on results from medical KPIs and recommendations from medical experts.
3 - This hospital participated in the Statista hospital survey and is using Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs).