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  • 7_18_DT0104_Dinosaurs_03

    T. Rex & Me

    Peter Larson is a big name in the world of really big lizards
  • 5

    Killing Them Softly

    After burying the dead in Six Feet Under and putting some killers down in Dexter, Michael C. Hall talks fans and cannibals
  • Robert Duvall

    Character Count

    Robert Duvall revisits some of the people he has played over the course of 81 films
  • 5.9_ DT0219_Penny_Dreadful_01

    A Penny for Your Screams

    Showtime’s "Penny Dreadful" is an ambitious mash-up of Jack the Ripper, insect-like vampires and Oscar Wilde
    European Edition Version
  • 4.18_DTO416_Taxidermy3

    Sermon on the Mounted

    The annual Taxidermy Contest is like the Miss America Pageant on acid…and a lot of formaldehyde
    European Edition Version
  • 3.21_DT0511_SXSW_02

    Don’t Tweet Where You Eat

    SXSW has morphed into a festival where everyone is wired and nobody connects
    European Edition Version
  • 2.21_LS0408_Horror

    Independently Dead

    The real money at Sundance is not 'Before Midnight' but during the witching hour.
    European Edition Version
  • 12-13-13_LS0345_CutCopy

    A Hard Day-Glo’s Night

    On the road with Cut Copy, the Beatles of electro-pop
    European Edition Version
  • Page

    The Original Wrecking Ball

    Defiant and pulchritudinous, Bettie Page gave naughty a good name
    European Edition Version
  • Celebrity Manners

    Ginger Baker Hates You

    The legendary drummer is touring (briefly), promoting a documentary (curtly) and making everyone around him miserable
    European Edition Version