Jesse Ellison

In the iBathroom

The unveiling of the newest Apple iPhone was greeted with typical fervor last week. The slimmest ever, it can be taken anywhere—including to the bathroom, where, statistically, you probably will use it.

Cutting Desire

A rare condition called Body Integrity Identity Disorder compels its sufferers to want to amputate, or paralyze, their own healthy limbs. Read Jesse Ellison's 2008 piece on the disorder.

Are Dogs Stealing Our Jobs?

Among those in competition at the Westminster Dog Show this week is Elias, a Beauceron who spends his time off the runway sniffing out gluten in food to protect people with celiac disease. And as scientists better understand the power of a dog's nose—100,000 times more sensitive than a human's—canines are moving into other professions, too.

The Antiviolence Gurus Speak: Gary Slutkin and David Kennedy Come Together to Respond to NEWSWEEK Coverage

For a journalist there's hardly anything more satisfying than seeing one of your stories have an impact. So imagine my delight when I received a joint letter from David Kennedy and Gary Slutkin, the two men whose work—and rivalry—I examined in "The Battle of the Antiviolence Gurus." It seems the two have put aside their differences in pursuit of a common cause: taking issue with the way I portrayed their work.