Jonathan Broder

Jonathan Broder writes about defense and foreign policy for Newsweek from Washington. He's been covering national security issues for more than two decades, including 12 years as a writer and senior editor at Congressional Quarterly. Before moving to Washington, Broder spent 20 years as an award-winning foreign correspondent in the Middle East, South Asia, China and East Asia for the Chicago Tribune and the Associated Press. Broder’s writing also has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post and Smithsonian magazine. He's a frequent commentator on foreign affairs for NPR and Al Arabiya TV.

Insult Tragedy

Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri makes films sympathetic to all sides in the Middle East conflict, including Israelis. It's not a recipe for big box office back home.

Hit and Missile

In Yemen, Tehran-backed rebels have secretly struck Saudi Arabia dozens of times with long-range missiles—yet another sign that Iran is winning the proxy war over the Middle East.