Alexandra Garrett


2 U.S. Bishops Urge Donald Trump to Halt Remaining Executions

"Every person is created in the image and likeness of God, and we encourage everyone to work to rid the death penalty from our state and federal laws and to develop a greater appreciation for the sacred dignity of every human life," said the archbishops.

NYPD Officer Accused of Posting Racist Messages, Suspended Without Pay

According to a report from the New York City Council, Deputy Inspector James Kobel posted over 500 messages to a law enforcement message board under the pseudonym Clouseau. On Sunday, the NYPD suspended him for 30 days without pay as an investigation into the posts begins.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Compares Capitol Riot to 'the Rise of Hitler'

"A lot of German corporations saw Hitler as a clown. They backed him because they thought he was going to be a bulwark against communism... We've seen a lot of businesses, a lot of CEOs, a lot of the world's richest people, a lot of America's richest people back Donald Trump," said Scarborough.