Ramin Setoodeh

Shahs and the City

They're rich, Persian, and getting their own show. Meet the cast trying to change how Americans think about Iranians.

Becoming Marilyn

How Michelle Williams wiggled and wept her way into the soul of Hollywood's greatest icon.

Gaga's Oprah Moment

The lady's hotter than ever, but not because of her music: She's become an evangelist of self-acceptance, preaching to an audience of outcasts.

Don't Dis My Sequel!

We ask some of the summer's biggest celebrities to defend their newest retreads.

Catherine Hardwicke: The Fairy-Tale Fixer

On a gloomy and wet California day, director Catherine Hardwicke curls up in her office on the Warner Bros. lot with a book in her hand. This isn't your average bedtime story. It's called "Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked: Sex, Morality, and the Evolution of a Fairy Tale."

Big Brains on E-Books

The transformation of the book industry has reached a tipping point. Electronic books now outsell paperbacks on Amazon, the retailer recently announced. And Borders, the second-largest bookstore chain in the United States, is reportedly considering a bankruptcy filing.

Oscar Roundtable: Kiss and Tell

Hollywood's best on playing hurt, kissing onscreen, work/life balance, and why none of them is on Facebook. Welcome to NEWSWEEK's 14th Oscar Roundtable.

Nicole Polizzi: Snooki

Should I call you Nicole or Snooki? Nicole, please. Do most people call you Nicole? No, but I miss it. You got a lot of attention for tweeting your support for John McCain because he wouldn't tax tanning.

Golden Globes: Five Winners, Losers, and Shockers

Now is the time that members of the Academy start filling out their Oscar ballots, and the Globe selections are like a Facebook status update that says "Watch me!" We offer the biggest winners, losers, and surprises.

Seven Biggest Movie-Ratings Fights

Thanks to Harvey Weinstein, 'Blue Valentine' is rated R rather than the NC-17 it initially received from the MPAA. How filmmakers lobby for the ratings they really want.

Why the Justin Bieber Doll Wears Boxer Briefs

The CEO of The Bridge is in the business of celebrity dolls, but he's no dummy. In the 1990s, working for another toy company, he flew to London to secure the rights to the Spice Girls dolls. Now he's tapping into the Justin Bieber mania for his next breakout doll.

The Mysterious Case of the Missing 'Tron'

Has anybody seen "Tron" lately? Not the new "Tron: Legacy"—with its reported $170 million budget, it's impossible to miss all the billboards—but Disney's original 1982 film.

Confessions of a Viagra Salesman

The answer is yes. The Viagra salesman has taken Viagra, even though he was only in his 20s at the time. And his exploits have inspired a new Jake Gyllenhaal movie.

Six Reasons to Not Hate 'Burlesque'

'Burlesque' is the event of the holiday season. It's like the drunk aunt who shows up late to Thanksgiving dinner and falls into your mashed potatoes. The movie is so bad that it's good.

What You Need to Know About Shooting a Sex Scene

Anne Hathaway is generating Oscar buzz for her risky turn in "Love and Other Drugs." She plays Maggie, a 20-something with Parkinson's disease. But that's not what makes the role so flashy. It's the flashing.