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Japanese firms ready to build a better future

Japanese firms ready to build a better future. Read More


Singapore: Asia's superstar city welcomes global business

Over the past two decades, sustained government investment in R&D – lately with a 25 billion SGD investment in research, innovation, and enterprise under REI2025 – and pro-business incentives have-catapulted Singapore's economy into the third most competitive in the world, according to the IMD World Competitive Ranking 2022, and has cemented it as the best place to do business for the past 15 years, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Read More


Taiwan: Upholding the world's most important supply chains

Taiwan's proximity, open economy, and strategic location as a hub for international trade and shipping hve attracted substantial interest from the global business community, with the IMF predicting a 3% rise in the export volume of goods and services this year. Read More


Mexico Emerges as the Top Destination for Nearshoring

Mexico Emerges as the Top Destination for Nearshoring. Read More


Papua New Guinea: An economic transformation

Papua New Guinea is undergoing economic and social transformation, according to the World Bank, which notes the country's remarkable diversity of geographic and natural resources. The Bank asserts that PNG's growth trajectory and its abundant resource potential provides a strong platform for greater economic engagement with Asia and beyond. Read More


Japanese companies drive shift to new CASE era

Japanese auto makers are making large investments in R&D as they look to lead the road towards a new era defined by Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE) vehicles and mobility as a service (MaaS). Read More



Towards a High-Income Future. Read More


India: The world's largest democracy summits economic stardom

As major economies worldwide wrestle with sluggish growth, India has taken up the mantle of global economic leadership. Underlined by low-cost production, government incentives, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambition to transform the country into a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025, India is now a keystone in the global business community's diversification beyond China – known as the 'China-plus-one' strategy. Read More

Guyana: Fueling the Future

With the discovery of major crude oil reserves, Guyana has emerged as the fastest-growing economy in South America. This newfound resource has led to a significant increase in foreign investment, providing ample opportunities for the country to flourish. Read More

Monozukuri and omotenashi: the concepts behind Japan's renowned manufacturing quality

Japanese manufacturers are renowned world- wide for delivering the highest quality, and that quality comes down to monozukuri. While it can be translated as "making things" or "manufacturing", monozukuri means so much more than its humble translation. Read More

The "Hidden Champions:" Invisible Yet Essential to Global Industry

By narrowing their focus on niche markets, Japanese enterprises, both large and small, have crafted an indispensable place in the global supply chain. Read More

Costa Rica: Back on the international stage

The Central American nation of 5 million has not only carved itself a reputation as a global sustainability champion, but is also punching well above its weight when it comes to exports and economic capacities. Read More

Denmark:A digitally powered green superstar

Denmark's GDP is forecast to increase by USD 87 billion, or 22.5%, between 2022-2027, according to Statista, owing to its stable, pro-business investment climate and open economy, which is also helping to power its exemplary green transition. Read More

Tadiran Group

One of the world's most advanced manufacturers of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, over recent years Tadiran has also expanded into the green energy segment with an ongoing wave of acquisitions, bringing its talented team and world-leading R&D capacity to one of the most dynamic global industries. Read More

Smart building: Japan embraces DX

Japanese firms are turning to Digital Transformation and new technologies such as AI and IoT to tackle the challenges of the construction industry. Read More


Barbados: Transforming Through Innovation and Sustainability

Barbados has forged an identity distinct from many of its West Indies neighbors by becoming not only a tourist destination but also an international business and investment hub. Over the years, it has developed high-end tourism, a solid and respected financial service sector, and a rapidly growing tech industry. The country has embraced technology, is leading the way in the green economy transition (what the United Nations defines as "low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive") and is now a pioneer in implementing solar energy. Read More

Online Trading Platform Moomoo

Shares retail investors' market outlook, most valued trading tools amid volatility, inflation & uncertainty. Read More

The hidden champions of Japanese monozukuri

While Japan has faced increasingly larger com- petition from the likes of China, South Korea and Southeast Asia in recent decades, many Japanese SME manufacturers have maintained large global market shares in B2B markets and niche fields characterized by high-mix, low-volume production. Working behind the scenes supplying high-quality parts, materials and machinery, these niche companies are the so-called 'hidden champions' of Japanese manufacturing. Read More

Germany: The foundation for European growth

According to the German Federal Statistics Office, Germany's GDP increased by 1.9% in 2022 and exceeded pre-pandemic levels and its business climate index rose to 90.2 in January 2023, up from 88.6 in December 2022. Germany's resiliency against recent economic shocks comes primarily from its longstanding fiscal stimulus policy, and the country's government considers it to be both a massive opportunity and a duty to future-proof its growth by supporting the global drive for sustainable energy production. Read More

Italy : Driving a sustainable future through innovation

Italy's economy is expected to grow by 0.6% this year, according to the Bank of Italy, which revised its previous forecast of 0.4% to align with the government's official projections. Taking stock of Italy's strong rebound from the pandemic, the bank forecasts economic growth of 1.2% in 2024 and 2025, noting solid exports and rising domestic consumption as fundamental driving forces. Read More

Penki Kontinentai Group

From supplying hardware equipment and developing first computer programs, Penki Kontinentai Group now provides technological and selfservice banking solutions to over 1,500+ worldwide clients and 90+ business partners, including the likes of Microsoft and Diebold Nixdorf, spanning over 80 countries. Read More

UAE: A future financial superpower

According to World Bank, UAE's GDP is set to grow 4.1% in 2023, the highest of all GCC economies. Alongside the country's unrivaled response to the Covid-19 pandemic – where it led the way in vaccine clinical trials and global logistics – the Bank attributes its forecast to surging oil exports and a strong recovery in non-oil sector demand. Read More

Small is beautiful!

EU's smaller member state has the highest concentration of points of interest by km2. From stunning beaches to UNESCO listed historical sites, Malta has it all, all year round! Read More

Canada : A global nation backed by a resilient economy

Canada ranks 13th in the world and 3rd in the G7 in terms of FDI inflow, according to the government organisation Invest in Canada. In 2021, despite the global pandemic, Canada's FDI inflow soared 50% above the annual average for the decade to reach CAD 74.8B – the highest recorded since 2007. Read More

Japanese innovation breeding quality felt at the fingertips

Japanese companies place high value in intensive R&D in order to create products of the highest quality. Such dedication to innovation ensures they reign supreme over regional competitors that have emerged in recent decades offering cheaper, mass-produced products often lacking quality and originality. Read More

Saudi Arabia: Transformation surges forward

Rapid enactment of the Saudi Vision 2030 development plan has positioned the kingdom as one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide, with numerous industries experiencing exponential growth and investment inflows quadrupling since 2016. Read More

BDMS: Top private healthcare provider is ready to meet surge in medical tourism to Thailand

Founded in 1969, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) is one of the top five largest private hospital providers worldwide (based on market capitalization), with a total of fifty-four hospitals and clinics in Thailand and two in Cambodia. Read More

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Maldives: Experience royalty in a turquoise paradise

Having pioneered the Maldivian luxury beach holiday at the turn of the millennium, Taj Exotica, has refined the idea of a tropical paradise, with the resort now a symbol of understated, subtle, luxury. Read More

Algeria : A growing force

Algeria's economy will have rapidly returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2022, according to the World Bank, with a rebound in public and energy sector investment and surging demand for its gas exports. Read More

Cambodia: Towards Upper-Middle Income

With one of the highest growth rates internationally over the past three decades, Cambodia can lay claim to being one of the world's great development success stories. GDP per capita grew by 10.7% a year between 1990 and 2015, according to the International Monetary Fund, and World Bank data shows GDP growth of around 7% since, the 2020 global recession aside. Read More

Smart, inspiring computers crafted with pride

VAIO continues to inspire customers around the world with computers that are elegant, durable and deliver exceptional performance. Read More

Japan's hidden champions reign supreme

While Japan has faced increasingly larger competition from the likes of China, South Korea and Southeast Asia in recent decades, many Japanese manufacturers have maintained large global market shares in B2B and niche fields characterized by high-mix, low-volume production. Working behind the scenes by supplying high-quality parts, materials and machinery, these niche companies are the so-called 'hidden champions' of Japanese manufacturing. Read More

Connecting the present to a richer future

Uniden Holdings strives to unite people and ideas through the power of communication as incorporated in their extensive line-up of wireless equipment, as well as cordless telephones. Read More

Jamaica: New opportunities in a vibrant economy

The Caribbean island's ongoing economic growth is backed by substantial and sustainable developments in its tourism, transport and mining sectors. Read More

Kazakhstan: At the heart of Eurasia tradition meets modernity

The World Bank has noted overall GDP growth of 3.4% for Kazakhstan in the first half of the year, a rebound in FDI in the crucial oil and gas sector, and export earnings driving the current account into surplus. It forecasts that growth will accelerate to 3.5% and 4.0% in 2023-24, supported by additional oil supply coming from the expansion of Tengiz oil field, the country's largest. Read More

Australia: Strength in Diversity

Australia is taking a lead in the fight against climate change and the pursuit of net zero, building on its strengths in energy and innovation, and its open approach to the global economy. Read More

Japanese companies at the forefront of global health challenges

Japan's pharmaceutical and healthcare companies aim to place themselves at the forefront of the greatest global health challenges of the 21st century, including cancer, rare diseases, infertility, myopia and the issues brought about by aging populations, particularly in Japan and other developed nations. Read More

Antigua and Barbuda: Enjoy paradise as a tourist, resident or investor

The stunning and pristine twin-island Caribbean nation offers outstanding opportunities to holidaymakers, new citizens and investors in a wide range of sectors. Read More

Costa Rica: people, planet and prosperity

With sustainable development at the top of its agenda for more than 60 years, Costa Rica has long enjoyed a reputation as a stable republic with the lowest volatility in the Americas. Its population, educated in high-tech industries and innovation, is key to support the country's cluster strategy to boost existing capabilities and build new growth engines. Read More

Norway : Taking the Lead

Ranking second in the world in the UN's Human Development Index, Norway can proudly say that it is one of the world's most successful and affluent societies. Read More


Saxony Anhalt: Inspiring Germany's future.

Located in the heart of Germany, the region has a central role in the future economies of Europe. Read More

Japan's real estate continues to attract investors

While Japan's real estate market has traditionally been dominated by domestic players, the ratio of foreign entities making direct investments nearly doubled in two years, from 19% in 2019 to 38% in 2021, as institutional investors searching for a safe haven to park their money during the pandemic poured billions into Japan during the pandemic. Read More

Baglioni Resort Maldives: Experience tropical enlightenment amidst Italian grace

One of the most tranquil luxury stays in the world, the Baglioni Resort Maldives is a 5-star luxury resort located on the remote natural island of Maagau in Dhaalu atoll. Read More


Iceland: A land in motion and the leader in innovation

One of Europe's economic wonders, the country of fire and ice is a global hotspot for sustainable solutions, with a business environment that is fast-moving and focused. Read More

The hidden champions of Japanese manufacturing

While Japan has faced stiff competition from regional competitors in recent decades, Nippon companies still dominate when it comes to high mix, low-volume B2B technologies excelling in niche fields where they are reputed for their high-quality technologies that cannot be replicated by regional peers. Read More

Hong Kong: A global financial hub of the past, present and future

Hong Kong is now gearing up for a strong rebound, with quarantine measures lifted significantly in September 2022 and the city welcoming back global visitors and looking to policies that can reaffirm its position as a global hub. Read More

Japan's industry mobilizes to construct a greener future

In Japan, construction and energy companies have responded by implementing sustainable business practices as the Nippon nation looks to lead the way towards a greener future. Read More

India: Now is the time

One of the best ecosystems in the world for innovation, reflected in the growth of start-ups (the country has 700,000 start-ups), India has produced more than 100 unicorns. Read More


Gili Lankanfushi Maldives: Where rustic-luxe sophistication meets picture-perfect paradise

Famous for its overwater villas, rustic-luxe design, and magical blue lagoon, Gili Lankanfushi was named the number-one hotel in the Maldives, and top 5 in the world, in the 2018 TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice awards. Located on its own private island, Lankanfushi, the luxury resort is only a 20-minute speedboat ride from Male airport, which means guests can arrive and begin unwinding in their villas within an hour of landing – all without the stress of a seaplane. Read More


Hong Kong: A global financial hub of the past, present and future

Hong Kong is now gearing up for a strong rebound, with quarantine measures lifted significantly in September 2022 and the city welcoming back global visitors and looking to policies that can reaffirm its position as a global hub. Read More

COP27 comes to Egypt

Egypt's COP27 Presidency places action at the heart of its agenda for the summit. Read More

Semiconductor industry growth presents key opportunity for Japanese manufacturers

Backed by its historical expertise in semiconductor production and a large network of equipment, component and material makers, Japan is set to play a vital role in the future of the semiconductor industry. Read More

The Philippines: Reforming To Grow

Having experienced "exponential economic growth" over the past decade, the Philippines is "poised for increased momentum", according to global consultancy giant McKinsey. The new government of President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. is firmly committed to accelerating that momentum. Read More

Pillars of the Green Transition

In this report, leaders from North America, Europe and Singapore discuss how they are spearheading the green transition through technology, innovation and the will to be a part of the circular economy. Read More

Austria: Above Expectations

While the Alpine country was hit relatively hard by the covid-19 pandemic, due to its large tourism sector, the rebound has been remarkably robust, supported by active government policy that has cushioned the economy and particularly the less well-off, while promoting an accelerated energy transition. Read More

Bangladesh: Pushing for Development

Lying in the midst of a group of large and fast-growing emerging economies, with a domestic market of 165m – ranking in the world's top ten – and a growing, skilled workforce, Bangladesh is one of the world's most dynamic and promising countries. The World Bank has said that the South Asian nation is "at an inflection point in its development path" as it pushes towards middle-income status, with an eye on becoming a developed country within the next two decades. Read More

Shibuya Font Celebrates the Creativity of People With Disabilities

The Tokyo-based initiative Shibuya Font offers opportunities for people with disabilities to play an active role—and a window into diversifying. Read More

Mexico: Innovation and Technology

Exploring the booming landscape for tech and innovation in Mexico. Read More

India: Innovate in India, Make for the World

Huge domestic demand, resurgent consumer confidence, strong government investment, and exports performing "exceptionally well" "will ensure that India reigns as the world's fastest-growing economy over the next few years, driving world growth", according to a recent paper by global professional services company Deloitte. Read More

Monozukuri: The philosophy behind Japan's reputed manufacturing industry

Monozukuri is the manufacturing philosophy that courses through the veins of Japanese industry, from the largest companies to the smallest. It is a philosophy focused on high-quality craftsmanship, innovation, the pursuit of perfection, and meeting the ever-changing demands of customers and society on which the 'Made in Japan' brand has built its unmatchable global reputation over the past decades. Read More

Unstoppable Bangladesh

Bangladesh's progress has been remarkable. And forecasts suggest that it's just getting started. Read More

West Texas

Focused on building a vibrant, prosperous & sustainable future for generations to come, its fast-growing cities are as rich in economic opportunity as they are in oil & gas. Read More

Morocco: Long-term vision brings economic transformation

The sustainable, competitive, well-proven and agile kingdom is providing solutions to global challenges faced by industries. Read More

The standard bearer for end mills

NS Tool's cemented carbide small-diameter end mills are a mainstay in the industrial world where only cutting-edge micro-precision machining will suffice. Read More

India: Modi's Reforms Lead The Way In Turning India Into A Global Powerhouse

Set to become the world's third-largest economy within the next ten years and with a population projected to surpass 1.5bn, India is becoming a global powerhouse. Read More

Monozukuri ensures Japan's niche dominance prevails

The 'Made in Japan' brand has long been synonymous with high quality. And behind the superior Japanese quality that Nippon manufacturers offer is the mono- zukuri philosophy, which focuses on craftsmanship, attention to detail and the constant pursuit of innovation to meet client, market and societal demands. Read More

Bangladesh: A greener future for a young nation going places fast

Bangladesh celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2021. It is currently one of the fastest growing economies in the Asia-Pacific region, and it significantly reduced its poverty levels, which are now down to just 12.5%, according to the World Bank. Read More

Indonesia: A new path to the future

With impressive economic foundations and ambitious plans for the future, Indonesia has entered 2022 in a strong position, despite experiencing a relatively challenging pandemic. Read More

Monozukuri ensures Japan's niche dominance prevails

As globalization deepens economic ties worldwide through the intensified cross-border movement of capital, labor and commodity transactions, Japanese firms, both large and small, continue to relentlessly innovative to ensure that 'Made in Japan' products remain critical to worldwide supply chains for many years to come. Read More

Live and work in Mauritius

Already a gateway to Africa for international investors, the welcoming Indian Ocean paradise delivers a perfect live-work-play balance that is attracting increasing numbers of digital nomads, entrepreneurs and retirees. Read More

Ireland, the global island

Ireland has emerged as one of the best bases to launch a business with global reach, and becomes a net exporter of tech. Read More

Maxell to mass produce world's first small-size sulfide-based all-solid-state battery in 2023

From industrial equipment to medical devices, Maxell aims to drive product innovation and tackle the world's social issues through innovative all-solid-state battery technology. Read More

South Korea: Asian Tiger Still Roaring

South Korea has long been considered one of the economic giants of Asia, aided by a high-tech manufacturing sector and strong exports in areas like electronics. In recent years the Korean economy has continued to expand, with 2021 seeing the fastest annual growth rate in over a decade. Read More

Vienna: Green. Clean. Smart.

Substantial investment in digital, sustainable and other innovative technologies has enabled Austria's stunning capital to spearhead Europe's smart city revolution. Read More

Uruguay: A Land Of Enticing New Opportunities

With a robust, diverse economy and big ambitions to become a world leader in clean energy, the stunning Latin American nation is a welcoming haven for investors, tourists and new residents. Read More

Japan Takes On The Infrastructure Challenges Of The 21st Century

Greener, stronger, and more resilient to natural disasters, when it comes to infrastructure, Japanese companies have gained considerable expertise in maintenance and repair, disaster prevention and carbon-reducing technologies, and are ready to take their know-how globally to countries facing similar issues as Japan. Read More

Saxony Anhalt: Inspiring Germany's future

Best known for its vast industrial and cultural heritage, the German region is the ideal place to invest, live and work in today. Read More


The country with the clearest water on earth is entering a new era of prosperity driven by a resurgence in tourism, financial services & foreign investment all across this warm-hearted & outward-looking island nation. With editorial & full interviews from its leading personalities, read the full report here.... Read More

North Rhine-Westphalia: Europe's heartbeat

As the most important economic region in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia attracts international investors in emerging digital and green technologies for sectors such as industry, energy, mobility and biotechnology. Join the beat! Read More

Malaysia: Towards a High-Income Future

One of the world's most open economies, Malaysia has seen a trade-to-GDP ratio of over 130% since 2010, according to the World Bank, which notes that this stance "has been instrumental in employment creation and income growth". Read More


For more than 100 years, Tamer Group has been committed to enhancing the wellness of the Saudi people. Its rapid expansion is representative of a period of historic social & cultural change that is currently underway in Saudi Arabia. For more information about the dynamic Tamer Group, please read more here. Read More

Monozukuri gives Japan's niche players a competitive edge

While Japan has faced increasingly larger competition from the likes of China, South Korea and South- east Asia in recent decades, many Japanese SME manufacturers have maintained large global market shares in B2B markets and niche fields characterized by high-mix, low-volume production. Working behind the scenes by supplying high-quality parts, materials and machinery, these niche companies are the so-called 'hidden champi- ons' of Japanese manufacturing. Read More

How Tokyo Could Become a Thriving Circular City

Faced with the global environmental crisis of climate change, it's imperative for Japan to build a circular economy—one that utilizes its limited resources efficiently. Read More

Greece: Clear Skies Ahead For Greek Economy

The Greek economy is experiencing a strong upswing, growing by 8.3% in 2021, according to the Hellenic Statistical Authority, driven by an 8.8% rise in consumer spending and 24.1% jumps in both private investments and exports. Read More


The largest technology consulting, digital transformation, BPO, and engineering services vendor in Poland, Sii is leading the way in showcasing the country's strengths in ICT. Employing over 7 000 specialists, the company has achieved 30% organic annual growth in recent years, a performance it expects to match in 2022 while seeking new business opportunities across Europe for its growing delivery centers throughout Poland. Read More

Colombia: Unstoppable

Colombia is one of the success stories of the Americas. With President Iván Duque coming to the end of his term, he leaves the Andean nation in the best shape yet. Read More

Italy: Top-quality Leadership And Manufacturing Drive Economic Bounce-back

Over the past 75 years, Italy's economy has transformed from one of the weakest in Europe to one of the strongest, supported by its powerhouse manufacturing, tourism industries and sought-after Made in Italy products. Read More

Japan: Building Innovation For The 21st Century

With much of Japan's modern infrastructure dating back to the country's post-war economic boom of the 1960s, the biggest task for the nation's construction industry today is the maintenance and repair of existing roads, bridges and buildings. Hence, Japan's innovative construction firm are ensuring the reinforcement of structures with the latest disaster prevention technologies. Read More

Scotland: A green industrial powerhouse

Beyond its beautiful highlands lie a number of key sectors and powerful industries that are pushing Scotland ahead in innovation and the green economy. Read More

Championing Monozukuri And Sustainability

Faced with a dwindling domestic market due to Japan's aging population, Japanese SME manufacturers have focused more attention on expanding overseas. While championing monozukuri, these Nippon SMEs are also strongly advocating sustainability, which is an especially pertinent topic for those engaged in the manufacture of fast disposable goods. Read More

Ecuador: Looking To A Brighter Future

Ecuador is increasingly on the radar of companies looking to invest in Latin America, with the economy growing and a sense that the country is finally putting the past behind it, especially following the appointment of Guillermo Lasso, a former banker, as president in May 2021. Read More


Rebranding Florida For the Future

Doers and dreamers are staking their fortunes and futures on the Sunshine State. Read More


United Arab Emirates, Where the Future is Now

COVID-19 has speeded the adoption of digital technologies by several years pushing companies over the technology tipping point. Read More

Belgium: Putting the pandemic behind it, and looking to a bright future

While Belgium's economy was badly hit by the global pandemic, the country has bounced back strongly. Belgium's GDP rose by 6.1% in 2021, according to the National Bank of Belgium, with the country's manufacturing sector up 3.3% in the last quarter of 2021 alone. Read More

Driving Innovation With Unique Technologies

Japan, Driving by innovation with unique technologies, is excelling in niche B2B fields, where lesser-known Japanese firms provide technologies, components and machinery, most notably in the fields of automotive, electronics, semiconductors, materials science and other high-tech manufactur- ing segments. Read More

Luxembourg: Invested in Innovation

Best known for its vast financial sector, Luxembourg also boasts one of the EU's strongest research and innovation ecosystems, which has enabled it to take the lead in various emerging and evolving industries. Read More

Japan To Lead Way In Global Healthcare Challenges

Japan is the third largest pharmaceutical market and fourth largest medical technology market in the world. Moving forward, Japan's pharmaceutical and healthcare companies aim to place themselves at the forefront of global health challenges, from developing treatments for rare diseases, prevalent illnesses and cancer, to addressing the healthcare issue brought about by an aging population. Read More

Angola: Becoming a key hub for the African continent

In recent decades Angola, Africa's second biggest oil producer, has been one of the fastest-growing economies on the continent. Read More

Building a new world: Japan's infrastructure and construction leaders take their expertise global

From a Shinkansen railway system boasting zero passenger fatalities in 50 years of operation to the world's longest suspension bridge connecting Awaji Island to Kobe, Japan is recognized as a global leader in construction and infra- structure. Read More

Denmark: A frontrunner in Europe

The Danes have not only mastered their own green economic transition, but they've also turned their country into the most digitalized and business-friendly place in Europe. Read More

Digitalization To Trigger Changes In Japan's Construction And Real Estate Sectors

Japanese companies now see digital transformation (DX) as a way to create new business models or modify existing ones by taking ad- vantage of new digital technologies and many firms in the real estate and construction sectors are leading the pack. Read More

A New Era Of Economic Sustainability

Investment in Italy surged 15.8% in 2021 and is expected to expand at an annual average 5.7% in 2022-23, according to a December 2021 report by global professional services company PWC, as the country reasserts its position as one of the world's leading business destinations. Read More

Japan's Hidden Champions In The Spotlight

Japanese manufacturing's true strength of Japanese industry lies largely with the smaller, lesser-known companies that provide high- quality products, parts and machinery as B2B manufacturers, having put themselves at the forefront of the latest global shifts. Read More

Monozukuri Gives Japan Its Competitive Edge

The 'Made in Japan' brand has built its global reputation over the past few decades based on its 'monozukuri' philosophy. A manufacturing philosophy concerned with high-quality craftsmanship, innovation and meeting ever-changing demands. Read More

Italy: Political Stability Leads To Strong Economic Growth

In the early days of the pandemic Italy was one of the hardest-hit countries, but since last year the European Union nation has been firmly looking to its future, while aiming to put behind it decades of slow growth and perceived economic stagnation. Read More

Thailand: Leading The Way In Sustainability

The Thai economy could surge by 5-6% in 2022, according to official estimates, as the Asian tiger economy puts the worst of the covid-19 pandemic behind it and benefits from strong long-term policymaking that emphasizes sustainability and circularity. The economy will be supported by $18bn of investment pledges made by the government, as well as the global recovery, which will favour open, pro-business countries such as Thailand. Read More

Spain: Recovery,Transformation And Resilience

Having bounced back strongly after more than a year of pandemic-induced crisis, Spain's economy is gaining momentum. Real GDP growth is set to hit 4.6% in 2021 and employment soared, exceeding pre-pandemic levels by October. Read More

Monozukuri Gives Japan Its Competitive Edge

Made world famous by Toyota, monozukuri is a concept found at the core of all Japanese manufacturers - from those making cars to those making cardboard boxes. Read More

Kenya — Silicon Savannah

For more than quarter of a century, the Kenyan economic story has been one of consistent and exponential growth, especially over the last ten years. Read More

Qatar: Vision and diversification drive new era of growth

Unlike many economies severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Qatar emerged from the crisis relatively unscathed. The Qatari economy started 2021 under relatively favourable conditions – although oil prices plummeted in 2020, its fiscal and current accounts were in good shape, with mid-term growth prospects significantly bolstered by plans to add new natural gas export capacity. Read More

The Niche Purveyors of Japanese Monozukuri

In this investigative report, we delve into how Japan's manufacturing industry, and the philosophy that underpins it, are crucial to our everyday lives. Read More

Octaspring: Revolutionizing The Concept Of Comfort

Discover the transformative foam technology that sets new global standards for comfort, sustainability and personalization in a wide variety of areas including bedding, aerospace, transportation, furniture, apparel and footwear. Read More

Singapore: Ahead of the Curve

Long established as a global center for finance and trading, Asia's smart nation hits a new inflection point through digital transformation. Read More

Italy: Leading European Recovery With Quality And Innovation

One of the first and hardest-hit by the pandemic in Europe, Italy's bounce back has also been one of the strongest on the continent. The European Commission recently forecast real GDP growth will hit 6.2% this year, up from 5% in earlier projections, and as the biggest single beneficiary of European Union recovery fund spending, green and digital investment is set to soar. Read More

Japanese Construction Leading The Way For A Greener World

In this report, we uncover how Japanese firms are leveraging their environmental expertise to provide efficient and safe infrastructure to ASEAN and beyond. Read More

Greece: A New Way Of Life

Discover how the country has reinvented itself for the digital age to become a hotspot for those looking to visit, live or work in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Read More

Ireland: Ready For A New World

Irish innovation, resilience and partnerships are shaping the future of global business. Discover how Irish businesses are helping industries adapt and thrive. Read more

France: Leading Europe's Green And Digital Revolutions

Having already made major strides in service economy growth and digital development prior to the pandemic, France is capitalizing on the opportunities offered by the Covid-19 crisis to advance one of Europe's most forward-thinking and ambitious development agendas. Read More

Ukraine: Resilience And Reforms For A New Era Of Growth

Home to a large internal market, vast agricultural, energy, and mineral resources, and occupying a strategic geographic position at the crossroads of Europe and Eurasia, Ukraine's star is rising fast. Read More

Slovenia: Green, Creative And Smart

A small nation, nestled in the center of Europe, Slovenia is punching well above its weight when it comes to sustainability and innovation. Read More

The Might of Monozukuri: How Japanese Companies Remain Untouchable In Many Niche Fields

As the world economy ramps up in the wake of a two year downturn caused by Covid-19, Japanese firms are poised to meet ever changing demands. Read More

UAE Commitment to Partnership and Multilateralism With Bid to Host COP 28

The United Arab Emirates is a country with a region-wide reputation as a first mover on climate action. The first country in the Gulf to commit to an economy-wide reduction in emissions by 2030 and the first to commit to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the UAE has put forward its bid to host COP28. Read More

SDA Holding: International Vehicle Distributor Grows from Africa to Europe and Beyond

A leading international distributor of premium brand vehicles and machinery, SDA Holding employs more than 2000 people across its operations, and expects to record a consolidated turnover of €1 billion this year on the strength of resurgent global demand and post-pandemic recovery. Read More

CMIC: Japan's Personal Health Value Creator

CMIC Group is the largest clinical CRO in Japan, providing comprehensive services in drug development, clinical site management, clinical to commercial GDP manufacturing, regulatory consulting and contract sales & marketing solutions. Read More

Belgium: Europe's Sustainable Innovator Goes From Strength to Strength

Having weathered the worst of an unprecedented global crisis with remarkable resiliency, the Belgian economy is bouncing back big. Though the country is small, with a population of just 11.5 million, its open economy, robust infrastructure, highly-skilled workforce, and enviable position in the heart of Europe has given Belgium a distinct set of competitive advantages. Read More

Japanese Firms Blend Tradition and Innovation Through Monozukuri

In a country renowned for seamlessly blending tradition and innovation in manufacturing, Japanese firms strive to deliver high-quality products constantly adapted to the ever changing demands of the modern world. Read More

Turks And Caicos: More than paradise

In the era of remote work, where would you like to live? Famous for luxury tourism, Turks and Caicos welcomes sustainable living, business and investment. Read More

Dubai Islamic Bank: The Future of Finance is Ethical

Customer care and a robust digital platform are Dubai Islamic Bank's key essentials for staying the course over the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). DIB's sustainable and innovative banking are facing the future of finance head-on. Read More

The niche purveyors of Japanese monozukuri

Supported by the unique philosophy of Monozukuri (craftmanship), a number of Japanese manufacturers have developed unique technologies to become global niche leaders in complex industrial fields. Read More

Brazil: Reform And Investment Driving Growth

The International Monetary Fund has forecast that Brazil will achieve stellar growth of 5.3% in 2021, with the organisation's most recent consultation on the country noting that "good policies had positioned the Brazilian economy to take off in 2020" before the pandemic hit. Read More

Inspiring Chile

Discover how Chile has responded to change with multiple transformative projects, which seek to make it a more sustainable country that leaves a mark on science and knowledge. Read More

Saudi Arabia: The Transformation Continues

Ongoing modernization, internationalization and diversification from oil have laid the foundations for economic resilience and a vibrant society. Discover why Saudi Arabia is looking to the future with optimism. Read More

A new era for Northern Ireland

Neither Brexit or COVID have tarnished the flow of international investment into the U.K. region, quite the opposite in fact. Find out why Northern Ireland has achieved such success with investors. Read More

DEFEND3D : Democratizing innovation

DEFEND3D's software solution, Virtual Inventory Communications Interface (VICI) is enabling end to end secure transmission for remote additive manufacturing with its One-Click Print. Read More

Ecuador : Bouncing back with trade and investment

Ecuador's vast oil reserves and abundant natural resources have kept it on a steady growth path over the previous decade. The economy was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, with GDP contracting by 7.5% last year, although the country won praise from the World Bank for taking decisive actions to mitigate the worst of the crisis. Growth is forecast to surge by 9.5 percentage points this year as a result. Read More

Spain : Europe's economic success story takes center stage

Spain's economic successes have been overlooked in the past, but the country is fast becoming western Europe's rising star. As it emerges from the shadows of the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the country is poised to accelerate a recent upwards trajectory, supported by one of the most ambitious and well-fi nanced reform and recovery agendas in the entire European Union (EU), and big plans for green and digital development. Read more.

Ireland: A Land Of Opportunity

A stable base in a changing world that fosters innovation and productive partnerships, the Emerald Isle is a natural place to put down roots. Discover how Ireland helps businesses grow. Read more.

Mexico: Exports and infrastructure drive post-pandemic growth

As it emerges from the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mexico is set to ride the wave of soaring global demand for key manufactured exports, with domestic growth underpinned by strong government support measures aimed at protecting the most vulnerable during the crisis. Read more.

Live And Work Around The World

A plethora of investment-migration options now offer investors, their families and digital nomads the chance to live the life of their dreams. Discover more in our exclusive global investment guide to citizenship and residency. Read more.

Hell Energy: Hungary's Canned Power

Introducing the most dynamic and sustainable performer in today's global energy drink sector. Read more.

South Africa: Stable, diversified, and bouncing back fast

While South Africa's economy was severely impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, the country's macroeconomic fundamentals remain solid. It is Africa's most stable, modern, and well-diversified economy, and rising global inflation has seen demand for key exports surge in recent months. Read more.

Ireland: New Dawn, New Opportunities

Having thrived under the double challenge of COVID-19 and Brexit, find out why Ireland's export-led entrepreneurs are expecting an even brighter future. Read more.

Malta: Live and work in the Pearl of the Mediterranean

With new citizenship and residency by investment programs plus an upcoming digital nomad residence permit, find out why the stunning island nation is the destination of choice for global investors, entrepreneurs and remote workers. Read more.

Bank of Georgia

With a market share of around 40% in loans and deposits and a customer base totalling upwards of 2.3m individual retail customers and around 233,000 businesses, Bank of Georgia is at the forefront of Georgia's economic growth. Read more.

Trinidad and Tobago

The ambitious island nation is taking advantage of new technology and diversifying its economic portfolio. Read more.


As the world's ninth-largest economy and Latin America's economic powerhouse, Brazil is set to witness one of the strongest post-pandemic rebounds in the region. Read more.

Ireland: Small nation, big impact

With 3.4 percent GDP growth recorded in 2020 in spite of the raging pandemic and upcoming Brexit, the Irish economy has taken the world by surprise. Read more.

Jamaica: An Outsized Influence

A nation's dedication to economic reforms brings dividends for all stakeholders. Read more.

Live and work in Bermuda

The beautiful island nation is positioning itself as the perfect base for top professionals seeking to embrace the emerging trend of home working. Read more.

The Race to Build the World

Leveraging on their technology and experience in delivering high-quality infrastructure projects and machinery, Japanese companies are set to play a major role in infrastructure drives in Asia and North America over the coming years. Read more.

Japanese makers of beauty-products, pens and toys bring their unmistakable quality to the world

Armed with superior technologies and heavy investments into R&D, Japanese makers of beauty and skin-care products, pens and toys are bringing the "made by Japan" seal of quality to international markets. Read more.

Finland's unique growth story stands out in Europe

The country is powering through a pandemic that brought global growth to a standstill, supported by its world-leading tech sector and innovative industries. The Finnish economy will have one of the mildest recessions in the eurozone this year, while millions of government investment has been earmarked for recovery spending. Read more.

Croatia: Innovation & Sustainability in the Heartland

A solid base for investments and authentic tourism awaits in Continental Croatia. Read more.

Hungary: Transformation and Innovation

The dynamic Central European nation has turned itself into a vibrant and diversified industrial powerhouse. Many investors are now betting the country will stage a rapid economic recovery post COVID-19. Read more.

Macedonia: Tikves Winery

Tikves wines have won more wine competition awards than any other South East European winery. It is the only winery from SEE region, with ten wines given 90 or more points by influential wine critic Robert Parker. Read more.

Paraguay - Latin America's rising star

Benefitting from robust macroeconomic fundamentals, abundant natural resources, and fast-growing manufacturing and services sectors, Paraguay is a rising star in Latin America. Read more.

Kaizen and Monozukuri: The distinguishing factors behind Japanese manufacturing quality

In the face of regional competition, Japanese manufacturers continue to distinguish themselves through Kaizen, Monozukuri and continuous product development finely attuned to the needs of clients, industry and society. Read more.

Portugal reboots with sustainability drive

Discover how the resilient Iberian nation has fast-tracked its plans to embrace an innovation-led economy and carbon neutrality. Read more.

Nigeria - Africa's Economic Powerhouse II

Africa's biggest oil exporter and holder of the continent's largest natural gas reserves, Nigeria has led Africa's growth over the previous decade. Read more.


STC Bahrain is leading the country's digital revolution and, in line with Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, supports the country's economic development. Read more.

Dominica: Live and work on a tropical island

As the remote-working revolution sweeps the globe, discover why this Caribbean Nature Isle is the perfect place for digital nomads. Read more.

Malawi: A new era begins

With a dynamic new administration led by President Lazarus Chakwera, Malawi's ambitious vision for inclusive economic development is turning it into one of Africa's best investment destinations. Find out more.


While Europe and North America grappled with crippling pandemic recessions, Fitch Solutions projects Senegal's GDP growth to have hit 3.1% in 2020 and to rise to 5.5% in 2021. Read more.

Mexican Caribbean - Back to Paradise

Rediscover Cancun, Riviera Maya, Tulum and Cozumel.
Experience a diverse region of Mexico unlike any other in the world. Turquoise waters, impeccable beaches, tropical jungles, Mayan archeological sites, underground rivers, beautiful islands, lagoons and lush landscapes are just the starting point. Read more.

Egypt - MENA's Growth Driver

Despite COVID-19, Egypt expects economic growth between 2.8 and 4% in 2021, becoming the only MENA economy to expand in 2020. Read more.

Cameroon - Country Report

Cameroon's Electricity Sector

Cameroon's steady recent economic growth has been underpinned by rising levels of electrification, making it one of the best-connected countries in in West Africa. Read more.

Hungary - From manufacturing hub to innovation and R&D center

With its pro-business agenda and open-border policy for investors, the Central European nation is hoping to bounce back from the COVID-19 crisis, while making greater strides toward innovation, research and development. Read more.

Ghana - The Investors' Choice in Africa

Influenced by government initiatives to introduce a more favorable taxation structure and having undergone extensive reforms, the economy of Ghana is becoming an economic powerhouse on the African continent. Read more.

Portugal illy

Portugal - Find your dream home in Portugal

From iconic city condominiums to rural and seaside idylls, discover how Vanguard Properties' unique luxury real estate developments are exceeding expectations by turning lifestyles into art forms. Read more.

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Nigeria - Africa's Economic Powerhouse I

Africa's biggest oil exporter and holding the continent's largest natural gas reserves, Nigeria has led Africa's growth over the previous decade. Read more.

Antigua illy

Antigua and Barbuda - Invest, live and work in paradise

Discover how the Caribbean islands' globally competitive citizenship and residency program offers you and your family the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life in 2021. Read more.

Panama - Central America's Leading Investment Destination

Panama is expected to rebound strongly in 2021, with growth forecasted between 4% and 7%. Read more.

Green Coast - Luxury Living in the Albanian Riviera

With its unrivalled views and ideal location in the heart of the Albanian Riviera, Green Coast Resort and Residences offers prescient investors the chance to benefit from Albania's impending tourism rebound. Read more.

The Netherlands - Home of Innovation

With a reputation as one of Europe's most connected, digitized, and innovative economies, the Netherlands recently overtook the UK as the top recipient of FDI inflows in Europe. Read more.

Saudi Arabia - Building new benchmarks

The kingdom's groundbreaking hosting of this month's G20 Leaders' Summit puts its stunning transformation in the global spotlight. Discover how Saudi Arabia is realizing opportunities for all. Read more.

Andbank Group - Wealth Meets Innovation

Based in Andorra, Andbank Group is a truly international conglomerate: it holds five banking licenses and has a presence in 12 countries, with 39 offices spread around the world, from Miami to Monaco to Zurich. Read more.

Finland: Sustainability and Innovation

The country is powering through a pandemic that brought global growth to a standstill, supported by its world-leading tech sector and innovative industries. The Finnish economy will have one of the mildest recessions in the eurozone this year, while millions of government investment has been earmarked for recovery spending. Read more.

Serbia has risen to become the leading investment location in Central and Eastern Europe

Offering customs-free access to 15% of the global market, a young, talented workforce, and high potential for future growth in sectors such as construction and IT. Read more.

Iceland: Transcending global challenges

Having engineered an exceptional rebound from financial turmoil in 2008, Iceland has approached the COVID-19 crisis in a similarly unique way. What can the world learn from this sustainable, innovative and resilient nation? Read more.

Switzerland Country Report

Switzerland: Innovation against the pandemic

Could Switzerland, one of the world's wealthiest and most innovative nations, hold the answers to the current global economic, social and health crisis? Read more.

Greece Country Report 2020

Greece: Greece marches forward (July 2020)

Greece's widely praised management of COVID-19 makes the Mediterranean country one of the safest and most rewarding places in the world for tourists and investors in 2020. Read more.

Saudi Arabia Country Report

Saudi Arabia: Accelerates Ahead

With interest from international investors up 70 percent in 2019, Saudi Arabia is becoming an investment powerhouse—a transformation supported by its flourishing financial services industry and rapidly expanding private sector. Read more.

Greece: Leaping Into The New Decade (January 2020)

Discover how a new pro-business government has acted quickly to introduce reforms that are stimulating economic growth, fast track large-scale developments and attract investments to both traditional and emerging sectors. Read More.

Morocco Country Report v2

Morocco: The world's gateway to Africa
(Part 2)

The kingdom's reputation as a leading destination for investment and trade within the African continent is supported by highly regarded professional services sectors and innovative manufacturing industries.
Read more.

Malaysia Country Report

Malaysia: Focused on the future

Foreign direct investment in the Asian country has doubled in 2019 due to its strong economic growth, business climate, strategic location, natural resources and rising confidence in its new government.
Read more.

Botswana Country Report

Botswana: Africa's jewel for business

Discover why the stable, ambitious, business-friendly and stunningly beautiful Southern African country is currently attracting significant investment to a wide range of its resource- and knowledge-based sectors. Read here.


Mauritius: The perfect gateway to Africa

The World Bank's easiest place to do business in Africa in 2020 is an idyllic island nation in the Indian Ocean that continues to cement its position as a dynamic trade and investment hub. Read more.

Portugal Country Report

Portugal: Is a greener future within reach?

Leading development, engineering, procurement, construction and finance firm MCA Group is confident it has the answer and its clients around the world agree. Find out why.


Gabon: Oil-rich Gabon looks to a new future

Africa's fifth-largest producer seeks to diversify its economy in order to reduce its dependence on oil. Here's how.


Austria: At the heart of European innovation

Austria's tech-savvy hidden champions are catapulting global advanced manufacturing into the next decade. Here's how - Part 1, Part 2.


Liechtenstein: Simply innovative

As the Alpine country celebrates 300 years of historic success, it continues to offer the ideal environment for today's innovators. Here's how.


Namibia: Africa's economic gateway

Blending enviable political and social stability with a business-friendly approach, ambitious Namibia's geo-strategic position offers international investors intelligent access to the markets of southern Africa and beyond. Read more.


Paraguay: Ideal investment conditions

Discover how a new, business-friendly government and the world's largest generator of renewable energy are turning one of Latin America's fastest-growing economies into a hotspot for international investors. Read more.


Morocco: The kingdom enters a new growth phase (Part 1)

With a wide range of opportunities opening up in the African country, the export and investment agency AMDIE explains why 2019 is the year you should invest in Morocco. Read more.

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago: Center stage

The hydrocarbon-rich Caribbean islands are fast becoming a regional hub in many other sectors, including transport, logistics, manufacturing, real estate and financial services. Find out more.


Malta: Innovation in the heart of the Med

The booming European economy has tapped into innovative and advanced high-growth industries, and cemented its reputation for financial services by launching the world's first legislative framework for blockchain. Read more.

Canary Island Country Report

Canary Islands: Setting the Pace in Sustainability

These Spanish islands off the west coast of Africa, have long prospered from their unique geographical position. Along with a subtropical climate, clear skies and stunning landscapes, the archipelago benefits from the political stability and the open, democratic culture of Europe. Over the centuries the islands have become a natural staging point for travelers and traders on their way to and from three continents and the Canaries remain open to modern business, investments and tourists alike. Read here.

Colombia Country Report

Colombia: The Time is Now

Colombia is living a moment. With President Iván Duque one year into his tenure, the Andean nation is shrugging off its unfair reputation and proving just how vast its previously untapped potential was. Read here.

Elite Reports - Sponsor Insight - Istria & Kvarner photo

Croatian Regions of Istria & Kvarner: Paradise in the Heart of Europe

Responsible and sustainable tourism is paying significant social and economic dividends for these stunning Croatian coastal regions. Read more.


Dalmatia: Amazing Dalmatia

On the southern coast of Croatia, the stunning region of Dalmatia is leading the way toward a new vision of responsible tourism, one in which preserving heritage and protecting communities matters more than making a fast buck.
Sustainability means responsibility in Dalmatia. Read more here.


Finland: Finnish innovation for a brighter future

Finland is trust and quality; Finland is collaboration and innovation; Finland is creating Nordic solutions to global problems; Finland is the future. Find out how Finnish innovation is transforming an array of global industries, from smart healthcare to cloud technology - you can trust in Finland, Here's how.


Guatemala: The Heart of the Mayan World

A trip to Guatemala is an invitation to immerse yourself in history, culture, tradition and romance. Read more.

Kenya - Centum

Kenya: Centum Investment

Established in 1967 as a Nairobi-based investment company and now listed on exchanges in Nairobi and Kampala, Centum Investment Company has risen to become a leading vehicle for growth and diversification in East Africa. Read More.

Qatar Country Report

Qatar: The Transition to a Knowledge Based Economy

Qatar is one of the fast-growing regional economies and among the most promising in the MENA region, maintaining balanced growth rates despite various global challenges. Read more.

Singapore Country Report

Singapore: Looking to the Future

Known worldwide as a top business, banking, and investment destination, Singapore has sustained its stellar international reputation for decades. Read more.

Taiwan Country Report v1

Taiwan: The New Benchmark of Quality Through

Discover how innovation has revolutionized traditional industries in Taiwan while accelerating the development of the current phenomena such as AI and blockchain and learn how this astonishing transformation has been possible in the space of a decade. Find out more.

Turkey Country Report

Turkey: Strength in Adversity

More than two decades of rapid economic expansion have cemented Turkey's position as a dominant regional economic power and rising global power. Find out more.

Polisan Holding

Turkey: Polisan Holding

Active in paint, chemicals, port operations, and real estate, Polisan Holding has withstood the test of time with a tried-and-true strategy emphasizing partnerships, innovation, and finding new opportunities during even the toughest economic conditions. Find out more.

UAE Country Report

UAE: How innovation is transforming a nation

It all began with a master innovator. The UAE's founding father, Sheikh Zayed, was a man with big ideas, open to new methods and peoples. Today the country masters Blockchain, hosts 200 nationalities and ranks first in innovation in the Arab World. Find out more.