Pet Dog Mauled 'Serial Domestic Abuser' Who Knocked Out Girlfriend's Teeth

A pet dog came to the rescue of a woman whose front teeth were knocked out by her "serial abuser" boyfriend in a "vicious and unprovoked" attack, biting him so hard that he had to get stitches and spend two days in hospital.

The Staffordshire bull terrier, who was described as being "understandably upset" at the boyfriend's behavior, was also struck repeatedly during the attack.

Liam Grove, a 24-year-old from Aberdeen, Scotland, attacked his girlfriend of four-and-a-half years after an argument in their bathroom in the early hours of March 29 last year.

He initially tried to prevent her from leaving the room, trapping her between the door and its frame. This left a gap through which the dog entered the room.

"Their dog then came into the bathroom, which further infuriated the accused," fiscal deputy Christy Ward told Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

"He tried to get the dog out but it would not go, so he began repeatedly striking the dog on the body, causing it to yelp each time. Gove's partner then managed to leave and went through to the bedroom."

She continued: "The accused followed her into the bedroom, seized her by the shoulder, turned her around and punched her twice in the face with such force that he knocked her two front teeth out and caused her nose to bleed.

"The dog began to bite the accused, bringing an end to the incident."

Gove, who says he has "no recollection of the incident at all" because he was under the influence of alcohol, subsequently spent two days at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (ARI).

"The evidence suggests the dog was understandably upset at his behavior towards the complainer," said solicitor advocate Gail Goodfellow, representing the accused.

"As a consequence, he was bitten by the dog. He was immediately taken to ARI where, for his troubles, he remained for two days having the bite wounds cleaned and stitched."

Goodfellow added that there had been "concerns regarding the dog's behavior" since the incident, and that the couple were looking to re-home it.

Gove pleaded guilty to a domestically aggravated charge of assault to severe injury, and to causing a dog unnecessary suffering.

Sheriff William Summers handed Gove a two-year supervision order, ordered him to complete a behavior program for men convicted of domestic abuse offenses, gave him 300 hours of unpaid work, and banned him from owning or keeping dogs for five years.

"You started by beating a defenseless animal and went on to carry out a vicious and unprovoked attack on your partner," said Summers.

"It's quite clear, even at the relatively young age of 24, you have become a serial domestic abuser."

A Staffordshire bull terrier dog
A stock image shows a Staffordshire bull terrier, unrelated to the animal that was involved in the incident. Liam Gove was bitten after he'd beaten his girlfriend and their pet dog. iStock