Marriage in China

China’s Great Dream

Beijing’s new communist party boss, Xi Jinping is inspiring his countrymen with talk of a Chinese renaissance.
Art Buddahs

Buddhas in Danger

Among china’s greatest art treasures are the Buddhist caves near Dunhuang, an oasis on the fabled Silk Road that once linked China and Europe. Their ancient frescoes, sculptures, and other relics date as far back as A.D. 430 and have survived wars, environmental damage, antiquities hunters, and the chaotic Cultural Revolution. But their biggest threat today is tourism.

Follow the Leader

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun,” Mao Zedong once famously said. Though China’s post-Mao leaders have struggled to keep the military brass under tight civilian control, in recent months, as factions have divided the leadership of the Communist Party, political rivals have vied for military support. This year, many in China have taken a more hawkish stance on the maritime disputes that have flared between China and its neighbors over the South China Sea and a set of islands farther north known as the Diaoyu in Chinese, or in Japanese, the Senkakus. Some analysts see a link between rising nationalistic fervor and China’s once-in-a-decade political transition, which begins in early November when heir apparent Xi Jinping is expected to take over the party’s top post from President Hu Jintao. A lingering question, however, is whether Hu will also relinquish the chairmanship of the party’s 12-member commission that controls the Chinese Army. As one theory goes, Beijing’s...

Revolutionary Snark

Nobel winner Mo Yan and the magical realism of China's micro-blogging platform Weibo. By Melinda Liu.

China's New Shangri-La

The City of Dali is a traveler’s Dream: a taste of old China in an idyllic setting. But is it destined to be ruined by tourism?

Portrait of the Gulag

Artist Ai WeiWei is freed. But China continues its harshest crackdown on political dissidents in decades.