Pitbull Says 'F*** You' to America Critics During Concert

Pitbull loves America and hates critics of the country he calls home and the "Timber" singer made those thoughts very clear at a recent concert.

The Cuban-American rapper—whose given name is Armando Christian Pérez—put it quite bluntly that he has no time for anyone who hates the United States.

"To whoever the f*** doesn't like the United States of America, may god bless you but f*** you at the same time," he said on stage in a clip that is being widely shared on Twitter today.

Although it is not clear which show the moment is from, some have commented to say the 40-year-old expresses similar sentiments at many of his shows.

"If you don't like the United States of America, go back to the countries that we the f*** from and you'll see how much you appreciate the United States of America," he added, to rapturous applause.

He recently performed at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, California in September as part of his 2021 I Feel Good Tour.

Newsweek has reached out to Pitbull's representatives for clarification on when this show took place and for further comment.

US rapper Pitbull performs during his "I Feel Good" Tour at Germania Insurance Amphitheater in Austin, Texas on September 12, 2021. SUZANNE CORDEIRO/Getty Images

The performer has been highly vocal about what it means to him to be a first-generation American and has spoken of his parents' immigration from Cuba to the U.S.

"They knew what this country had to offer is that you could control your won destiny," he said in 2015 per the Latin Post.

"You had opportunity. And you had the number one thing which was and which is freedom."

Pitbull said that his grandmother once fought for Fidel Castro in the Cuban revolutionary war but later changed her views and sent her daughters to the U.S.

His mother came to America as part of Operation Peter Pan, a migration of 14,000 minors in the 1960s.

"So there's a lot of history there," he continued. "Definitely very deeply rooted and that's why I appreciate every opportunity this country has to offer."

In 2017, Pitbull said "This country was built by immigrants," during an appearance on The View.

"We all bleed the same blood, we all breathe the same air, we all put our pants on one leg at a time," he added. "And when we start figuring that out, is when we can really understand that we're really not that different. We're really more similar than we believe."