Robert Valencia

Deputy World Editor

Robert Valencia is deputy world editor for Newsweek. Robert has covered issues related to drug policy, human rights, U.S. presidential and legislative elections, freedom of the press, immigration, racial and criminal justice in the U.S., finance in emerging markets and economic integration. Prior to joining Newsweek, he worked for Global Voices Online and as a staff writer. He has also collaborated with think tanks such as the Center for American Progress and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities as a communications strategist and editor.

China Uses Spider-Man Quote To Slam U.S. Trade Policy

"it is unfortunate that we are seeing now, especially during the last year, a different America with severe mismatched power and responsibility," Chinese Ambassador to the World Trade Organization, Zhang Xiangchen, told the U.S.

Mother and Kids in Tear Gas Photo Now in the U.S.: Dems

The mother and children in a viral photo were taken in for processing in San Diego, according to two Democratic representatives from California. However, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has not confirmed or denied this claim.

Biden: Trump Admin. Destroyed U.S.-Latin America Ties

Though U.S. relations with Latin America "were not perfect" under the Obama years, the former vice president argued that U.S. allies and trading partners in the hemisphere have faced a "torrent of antagonism" from President Donald Trump.

Mexico Plans to Scare Donald Trump About China Threat

The administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to remind President Donald Trump that it's in Washington's best interest to help Central America financially—otherwise, Beijing may wield more power in the region.